Kentucky Fried Chicken or Thunder Birds: Power Zones Slot?

The world is getting tired of Angry Birds and their take-no-prisoner outbursts. Childhood trauma or just plain rage against egg-snatching pigs, anger management sessions seem to have done the trick, at least for now. But just when we thought the craziness from our feathered little friends was over, Thunder Birds: Power Zones slot hit the market!

It would be suicidal to us, but for some reason birds have no issues sitting on electric power lines, or so they think. You better believe they are in for a surprise this time around. Kamikaze pilots is a word that comes to mind, the way they sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The greater good is big wins and money in your pocket.

Free spins, multipliers and Power Zones, let’s flip the switch on this bad boy and find out who has got the eggs to stay seated!

All Colors of the Rainbow Results in Big Wins

We mentioned power lines and there’s a massive 8×8 grid looking to provide you with high octane action. It’ll take you 5 or more symbols to create a winning cluster and with as many as 10 different birds in the mix, it’s not a difficult task.

Representing all colors of the rainbow, these birds are not out to destroy everything in their way like Angry Birds. Instead, the most valuable pink/purple bird and its friends can’t wait to sacrifice themselves for you to have a big payday.

There are a couple of special symbols to keep track of like the egg and multipliers but we’ll dive into their purpose a bit later. Also, if you’re looking for wilds, don’t bother as there are none.


Play Now

A 96.432% RTP and high volatility means you’ll have a good shot at landing some big wins. The €184,700 max win is just an appetizer of what’s up for grabs, so put the €25 bet limit to the test and a 7,388x multiplier will show up sooner or later.

Rack up the Clusters to Increase Your Win

When a winning cluster is created, all symbols involved drop out to be replaced by new ones because of the Collapsing Reel feature. This can lead to another win and as long as the respin leads to a win, the reels will keep on turning while your winnings continue to grow.

If Playtech is generous enough to take this risk, make them pay. Literally!

Enter Power Zones at Your Own Risk

There’s a 16 spot power zone sitting in the middle of the grid. When you get a win, the power zone will fry the birds in it. This will send a drumstick into the meter on your left. You can spot 4 slots in it and when you fill it all the way, a number will appear.

As soon as the collapsing reels reach the end of a streak, the meter will reveal a secret symbol that can potentially expand the Power Zone area, making it even easier for you to win. We hope you like drumsticks!

Egg the Reels to Get Free Spins

Who would’ve thought eggs would be one of the symbols in a game about birds, right? It takes at least 4 eggs to trigger free spins and as more eggs mean more spins, get as many as possible.

You can get anywhere between 8-12 free spins depending on how many eggs you land.

Never Turn Down a Multiplier

Multipliers are as popular as any symbol in this game and since they range from 2x-100x, we don’t need to understand their value.

During free spins, the chicken multiplier will make an appearance so try to get them involved in a winning cluster as much as possible.

Sunny Days and Big Wins – Yes, Please!

It’s a colorful grid to look at and together with the sunny background, Thunder Birds: Power Zones slot really transports you to those lovely summer days.

While one bird is cuter than the other, it’s a strange feeling making money on them being fried and turned into drumsticks. PETA would most likely have an issue with it but keep in mind it’s not real. With that said, the money you can win is as real as it gets.

Bottom line, this is a highly entertaining slot and you should definitely take it for a spin!