Bag One of Genghis Khan’s Jackpots in the Temujin Treasures Slot

Some call him Emperor while others prefer the term Warlord. Whatever you would like to call Genghis Khan doesn’t take away the fact that he made his Mongolian empire one of the biggest ever. His birth name was actually Temujin and despite being known for his brutality, Khan was fiercely loyal to his people and generously spread his conquered wealth among his people.

Thanks to Pragmatic Play, you don’t need to be Mongolian in order to pocket a big chunk of it through the new Temujin Treasures slot. In fact, with a €342,000 max win, you can grab as much gold as your heart desires.

Give the spectacular Wheel of Fortune a spin and watch as jackpots, free spins, multipliers and cash prizes fight for your attention.

Genghis Khan may have conquered half of Asian but you’re about to conquer the reels of the Temujin Treasures slot!

Your Ticket to the Gold

One look is all it takes to see what awaits, as the piles and piles of gold coins instantly grab your attention. The 5 reels and 1,024 paylines may interfere with your view of the full treasure but they are also your ticket to getting your hands on the gold.

With a mouthwatering backdrop like that, you don’t need anything else to make you want to start spinning and with Temujin as the highest valued symbol, you are well on your way to the riches. As the wild, the golden tiger is fully capable of getting you to the big bucks.


Play Now

The game’s very high volatility will not stand in your way of success and with the €342,000 max win, 96.55% RTP and 9,000x multiplier involved, you are in for a wild ride!

Make the Switch

When you can pull off 6 of the same symbols on the middle reels, you will activate the Wild Switch feature and all those symbols will transform into wilds.

We don’t need to tell you what that can do for you in terms of winning, so we’ll let you find out exactly what on your own. Cha-ching!

Spin the Wheel of Fortune

It’s the golden dragon bonus symbol that will take you to the Wheel of Fortune and you need 3 of them to trigger the feature. As you give it a spin, you will notice that the wheel is full of multipliers, jackpots and free spins.

The wheel has several levels and in order to advance you need to land on a multiplier or a jackpot. This will send you to the next level where the prizes are even better. As long as you keep landing on those sections, you will continue to level up.

Score a Jackpot

There are 4 different jackpots up for grabs and the Grand is the biggest. They are all very sought after, as you can understand, and this is how much each of them are worth:

  • Mini: This will pay 28x your stake
  • Minor: This will pay 88x your stake
  • Major: This will pay 288x your stake
  • Grand: The big kahuna will pay you a sweet tasting 8,888x your stake. Boom!

How to Get Free Spins

If you land on a free spin number, you won’t be able to advance onto the next level of the wheel but free spins is not a bad place to be, especially as you can get up to 50 of them.

Play Now

During your free spins, there are firecrackers involved to spice things up even more. When you see one of them on the middle reels, they will explode and give you a random modifier.

  • Cash: You can get an instant cash prize of up to a 5,000x you stake
  • Multiplier wild: There are multipliers of up to 5x in play and if there is more than one of them at the same time, they will nicely multiply for an even bigger boost. Nice!
  • More free spins: With a bit of luck you can get up to 5 additional free spins
  • Jackpots: There is a chance to trigger the Mini, Minor or Major jackpot

Armed to the Teeth

Considering the Genghis Khan connection, it should come as no surprise that the Temujin Treasures slot is armed to the teeth with good stuff. When these features really let loose, things can get a bit nuts and so can the payouts. It’s simply not a game you want to miss!