Gold Is Goal and There Is Plenty Waiting in Katmandu Gold Slot

Imagine seeking solace in the Nepalese mountains and all you are longing for is peace, quiet and hour upon hour of total relaxation. All of a sudden news drops of a temple full of gold, still untouched, not too far from where you are. As an adventurer, what do you do?

We thought as much! This means you are on your way to conquer the Katmandu Gold slot and will do whatever it takes to get your hands on the glimmering nuggets. Scale the Multiplier Free Drops, zipline across the big symbols and surf the Avalanche feature, all while keeping your eyes on the prize, the €250,000 max payout.

Now that sounds like an adventure fitting a legend like yourself!

Feel the Mystique

You may already see the light (gold) at the end of the tunnel but your journey will start with 6 reels and 4,096 paylines. You can feel the mystique at this altitude, where humans are a rare sighting. Snow-capped mountain ranges may put the fear in the common man, but you are anything but common and you eat frostbites for breakfast.


Play Now

A max win of €250,000 is almost a must to even consider putting yourself in danger like this. Although it’s a high volatility game, the 95.98% RTP and 10,000x multiplier make it worthwhile. All the information is now on the table so if you want to turn around, it’s not too late.

Here Are the Features

The air is extremely thin up here and it may sound like an illusion but there are as many as six features involved along the way. Let’s break them down and make sense of it all before we climb any higher.

Avalanche Sightings

Lining up a winning combination will set off an avalanche. All symbols involved will explode and leave room for new ones. It will also give you an extra row, meaning it opens up the grid and gives you a better chance of getting another win.

Play Now

With each extra row, the amount of paylines will increase and if you can make it all the way to 9 rows deep, your new paylines will reach an absolute mouthwatering 531,441! If that doesn’t motivate you, we can’t help you.

Beware of Big Symbols

ELK Studios decided to go with big symbols for this game. Coming in hot, up to 4×4 in size, they can have an immediate impact on your wins, so don’t be frightened.

Expanding Wins

When an Expanding Win symbol is part of a winning combo, it will make a move. Wherever the arrow is pointing is where it will go and it will remove anything in its way. We say by all means, go ahead!

Ice Climber

Ice climbing skills are vital in this terrain and when two or more of them show, they will climb North. If this happens on row number 8, you will get an extra row of symbols. Nice!

Bring on the Free Drops

In a way, triggering the Multiplier Free Drops feature is like reaching the top of the mountain. It takes 3 bonus symbols to get there but if you can land 6 instead, you will get 25 free spins compared to 10.

Your free spins are retriggerable and with each additional bonus symbol you will kickstart the Multiplier feature and give it a +1 boost each time it happens, so keep ‘em coming!

Straight to the Top

The last part of a climb is normally the most challenging but in this case, there are two ways of getting around it and going straight to the bonus round.

  • Buy Bonus: It will cost you 100x your stake to start the bonus feature.
  • Buy Super Bonus: A higher price of 500x your stake means starting with a 10x multiplier.

You Have Earned It

It’s definitely worth an adventure like this and after racking up one big win after another, you can disappear and find all the peace and quiet that you need.

You’ve now mastered these mountains so whatever you feel like you need now, you have earned it!