Foxy Hot 20 Slot Proves Fruit Slots Can Be Exciting

Besides the flocks of sometimes aggressive pigeons, London is a city that is generally devoid of any wildlife. That is, except for the foxes. It’s such a strange part of London living. You’ll be walking home from the Tube station after a night of exploring the insides of several of the city’s pubs, and there in the street, you’ll see a fox that’ll dart away in a flash. In your well-lubricated state, it’s sometimes easy to mistake the sighting for a hallucination.

Now, I’m not saying these magical fox encounters that one experiences in London were the inspiration for Foxy Hot 20 slot from Smartsoft Gaming, but it was the very first thing I thought about.

Enjoy the magic

Foxy Hot 20 slot features 20 paylines spread across five reels. The slot features four high-paying symbols, three low-paying symbols, and a wild symbol that will substitute for all other symbols to complete winning combinations.


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The most prominent feature of the slot is, without a doubt, the multiplier jackpot wheel above the slots. The jackpot wheel will apply any multiplier value that appears in the jackpot zone to any winning combination completed during that spin. Once the spin is concluded, the wheel will spin again to determine the next global multiplier value. The value of the multiplier can be between 1x and 5x your winnings.

Once you’ve struck a winning combination, the slot gives you the chance to gamble your winnings. If you select to gamble your winnings, you will be asked to predict whether the next playing card revealed will be red or black. Correctly guess the color, and your winnings will be doubled. Make the wrong prediction, and you’ll lose your winnings.

Is Foxy Hot 20 slot sizzling or a bit sad?

Foxy Hot 20 slot offers up to $200,000 in winnings when you’re betting at $100 a spin. However, thanks to the 2,000x max multiplier, you can still play for up to $400 in winnings betting at the $0.20 a spin minimum. The slot offers an RTP of 96.09% and medium volatility, which gives Foxy Hot 20 slot’s gameplay a nice balance between small, consistent wins and the more rare large wins.

If you watch the slot’s logo, a little bird will fly inland on the top horizontal line of the first letter. It will chill out for a second before flying away, only to return moments later. The bird is tiny. It’s such an absurd tiny detail. It’s why this slot gets a ten out of ten from me. And I know I normally talk about the slot’s graphics and the amazing bonus features before I give a score. However, with this one, there really is no need. That tiny little detail, which is so small that you could easily miss it, is the perfect representation of the care and attention that has gone into this entire slot. It’s an absolute masterclass that proves that fruit slots can not only be engaging but really exciting, too. I love this slot!

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