This Level of Magic Can Only Be Found in the Wizard Shop Slot

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know Diagon Alley is the place to go shopping for anything in the realm of magic, and there is no better place to combine business with pleasure than a trip to the spellbinding Wizard Shop slot by Push Gaming.

Everything imaginable you can find on the shelves of this spectacular little shop and one way to get your hands on them is by stacking up on the bonus coins. Let features like the Wizard Wilds, Wizard Wild Multipliers, Added Wilds, Scatter Prizes and the Wizard Shop free spins show you the ropes and how to get the biggest wins money can buy.

Expecto patronum! Let’s do some shopping.

Watching Your Every Move

The shelves in the shop are not the only place you can find books and potions. They are also all over the 5 reels and 50 paylines. With the theme-mandatory owl watching your every move, you will collect bonus coins, trigger extra features and bag a whole bunch of supernatural wins.

Make sure you line up the best combos to land the 7,500x your stake max win and take full advantage of the 97% RTP.


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Stockpile the Bonus Coins

We’ve already mentioned bonus coins and these special gold and silver coin symbols will randomly appear on your reels. Don’t worry about being greedy as the more of them you have the better it is.

They will automatically make the move from the reels to your bonus bank in your top left corner. Later, when you’ve triggered the Wizard Shop feature, these bonus coins will come in handy when you want to add a little extra juice to your free spins.

Let the Magical Free Spins Commence

It takes 3 scroll symbols to activate the Wizard Shop feature, where you’ll get 10 free spins as well as an extra 120 coins added to your bonus bank.

Before you can start spinning, you can put those coins to use by buying extra wilds, multipliers or increased scatter prizes. Remember, whatever you decide to spend your money on can make a huge difference on your winnings, so be smart!

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Experience the Magic

The Wizard Shop slot may not be a Harry Potter spin-off but it sure is entertaining. Spinning and winning are two of our favorite things and you can do a ton of both in this game.

We can’t guarantee you will be able to leave the game with actual magical abilities, but it sure feels like it when you’re playing. It’s now time for you to experience the magic that lies within the four walls of this secret little shop. Good luck!