Gentlemen, Start Your Engines – Neon Rush: Splitz Slot Is Ready

Let’s hit the streets and rev the engine to the max in the extreme and high octane Neon Rush: Splitz slot. This is a full throttle game so unless you are in need for speed, stay out of its way!

It’s all about max speed and max wins and the speed limit on this baby is a juicy €250,276. If the Splitz mechanic is new for you then prepare for symbol transformation deluxe. Are you sure you can keep up at this speed because that’s what it will take to conquer free spins and get yourself one of the jackpots.

Start your engine and show us what you’ve got!

Miami Vice Neon

The game takes place on 5 reels and 10 paylines and it’s like Miami Vice came to life and brought the neon 80’s into a futuristic setting with a popping soundtrack. Most of the action happens outside of the reels as the symbols being used don’t attract much attention, besides the Splitz symbol of course.


Play Now

Knocking out a slightly above average 96.30% RTP and a high volatility means you should be just fine. The €250,276 max win and 25,276x multiplier are waiting for you to fly by so don’t slow down for anything less.

Let’s Split the Bill

Yddrasil is pushing the Splitz mechanic, meaning you can see a symbol split into a maximum of 5 symbols. Wilds, regular symbols or even jackpots are all part of the charm that can come out of these special symbols. Pretty cool!

All splitz symbols on the same spin will show the same symbol. During free spins, only jackpot and wild symbols will be the result.

Get the Neon Jackpot

So what happens when a Splitz symbol shows the jackpot symbol? You will need to get a total of 5 or more of them and when you do, 1 of the following 6 jackpots will be yours:

  • Rush Jackpot = 5x your bet
  • Neon Jackpot = 20x your bet
  • Hyper Jackpot = 50x your bet
  • Mega Jackpot = 100x your bet
  • Superior Jackpot = 500x your bet
  • Ultra Jackpot = 25,000x your bet

Wheelie Free Spins

Let’s round things off with some free spins, shall we. Landing 3 or more of the free spin symbol will set you up with as many as 30 free spins.

Play Now

The Splitz symbols are very much involved during free spins and can launch you into the land of the big wins, so accelerate and go for it!

Let’s Ride

The Splitz mechanic is a fun feature and considering they can be loaded with jackpots, it brings some extra excitement to each and every spin, especially during free spins.

Grab your helmet and let’s ride!