Get a Taste for the Massive Wins and Island Life in These Slots

Living la vida loca on a private island somewhere sounds very tempting at times. Considering the endless amount of destinations it would make it tricky to choose just one, unless you are amongst the rich and famous with deep pockets that can buy one. Still, the variations of life they would offer would be so vastly different that before we take the plunge and book any trips, let’s see if we can get any inspiration from these island savvy slots.

Totem Island – EvoPlay

Welcome to Totem Island. As scary as it may look, after spinning the reels of the magnificent Totem Island slot, we believe the skulls and scary masks are just scare tactics for keeping the wrong kind of people away. Are you trying to tell us that the radiant tribe member is evil? That is some bull jive and we don’t buy it for a second.

This man is pure entertainment and his pure presence adds to the whole experience. Free spins and other bonus features make this slot a keeper!


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Bikini Island – Habanero

Sandy beaches, babes and big wins is what you can expect from the Bikini Island slot. Sipping back on some tasty cocktails while catching some rays on a desert island is one of the most relaxing things one can do. Add to it crystal clear, turquoise water, your loved ones and you have a great anti-stress recipe.

This slot will whisk you away, at least mentally, to a place like that while spinning the reels can get you a nice chunk of spending money. All your wins are doubled during the free spins, so go get them!


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Treasure Island – Quickspin

Watch out for flying cannonballs! It’s not often you have a reason to say those words but thanks to Treasure Island slot today is the day. This action packed game is filled with explosive wins so prepare yourself to face Billy Bones and Long John Silver. Landing the TNT barrels will trigger the Pirate Attack feature where shots will be fired at the reels, creating wilds for you. The danger of being hit in the face may be fake but the massive wins are as real as they come!


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Easter Island – Yggdrasil

Easter Island is a strange place and it has never been on our bucket list of travel destinations. Until now! The Easter Island slot has changed our entire perception of the place and the two moai statues in the game are just a hoot. We are booking flights as soon as we finish this review unless we figure out a way to get a couple of similar moais for our backyard. The slot is full of fun features and epic wins just waiting for you to sweep in and take them. These guys are hilarious and deserve more recognition so load the game and get ready to smile.


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Coral Island – EGT

We love snorkeling and the best places for that are coral reefs. Spending time on an island surrounded by them would be a perfect little getaway so how lucky are we that Coral Island slot is only a click away. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun in this game especially with the turtle and the fish but also with the many free spins and progressive jackpots floating around. Cash in on these Finding Nemo rejects and you can splash around on a tropical island or at home in your own tub if that’s what you prefer.


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None the Wiser

Wow, after spinning these reels we are none the wiser. There is just so much fun to be had and just as we suspected, it’s impossible to choose. How cool is that the BitStarz lobby can offer you all kinds of destinations so you can do some proper island hopping. All these slots have the two main ingredients we look for, a ton of fun and a ton of wins. They say no man is an island but we can all live the island life and win big!