How Not to Play at An Online Casino

There are many ways to play at an online casino, and most of them will end up with you having a bucket load of fun. However, a few players decide to take things a little too far and end up landing themselves bans. So, to help you enjoy your online casino experience more than ever before, we’re going to run through the big mistakes you want to avoid when playing at an online casino!

Uploading Fake Documents

People have many reasons for trying to fake their identity at an online casino. Whether it’s because you’re banned, you’re using stolen money or perhaps you want to remain anonymous, it’s never acceptable. When it comes to cashout time and you are waiting patiently for your documents to be approved, KYC teams from online casinos will vet your documents meticulously and they know how to detect a forgery. So, to save yourself the hassle of losing any winnings and the fun stopping, just submit genuine documents – online casinos don’t care who you are, they just need to make sure you’re a genuine person with genuine documents. It’s part of being a regulated online casino!

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Getting Rude and Aggressive

We understand that you might be having a bad day or you lady luck might not have been on your side, but there is no reason to get rude and aggressive towards online casino staff. Just because you can’t see them face to face like in a land-based casino doesn’t mean they don’t have feeling. If you do get aggressive and rude, there aren’t any bouncers to drag you outside kicking and screaming. Instead, online casinos can ban your account at the click of a button. So, next time you’re thinking about getting rude and aggressive towards online casino staff, think twice – is your reputation as a player worth it?

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Using Stolen Money

This kind of goes without saying, but if you’ve got stolen or illegally obtained money, it’s best to avoid a regulated online casino. Similarly to the case with fake documents, the payments team at any online casino will cross check your source of funds with known accounts with illegally obtained money. If any is detected, the funds will be frozen and the case will be handed over to the authorities. If you’re looking for a place to launder your money, a regulated online casino is a pretty bad idea.

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For the most part, these are never issues for most players. Sometimes its good just to spell out what you can and cannot do at an online casino, and sometimes it’s nice to know just how far you can push a casino before they bring down the ban hammer. So, now you know where you stand, try to behave and enjoy yourself – we’re all here to have fun!