Hunt for Supernatural Wins in King of Ghosts Slot

We all have that one friend who claims to have seen a ghost. And although we put up with their tall tales, everyone is like, “sure you did Dave, sure you did!” But what if Dave did see a ghost? Imagine how much our understanding of the world would need to change if we found irrefutable proof that ghosts exist.

Grab your EM meter and proton pack and explore the supernatural in King of Ghosts slot from Endorphina for a shot at the €333,328 jackpot. This spooky new slot is exclusive to BitStarz for a short time, so don’t miss out on a chance to be one of the first in the world to try it!

There’s always a backstory!

Ghosts always have a backstory. A reason that their tortured souls are hanging about to give Aunt Carol the chills. Well, the King of Ghosts is no exception.


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In Chinese mythology, Zhing Kui was a smart student who got stripped of the ancient Chinese equivalent of the spelling bee award by the emperor because he disliked Zhing’s face. In a fit of rage, Zhing committed suicide by throwing himself against the palace gates repeatedly, which is a pretty brutal way to go. During his judgment, Yama (the king of hell) saw potential in the mad lad and gave him the job of hunting wayward spirits and bringing them back to hell. Why is Chinese mythology always so dark?

Where there are ghosts, treasure is always nearby

Zhing may have been tasked with hunting down those stubborn spirits, but he’s always got time to throw a few coins your way!

In the base game, the wild will substitute for all other symbols, except the scatter symbol, to complete winning combinations. No surprises there. If you want to go ghost hunting, you’re going to need to grab three or more taijitu, the black and white yin yang thing, symbols to unlock a round of 12 retriggerable free spins.


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Once you enter free spins, you’ll have to look out for the specters and phantoms that lurk in shadows. With each and every win, they’ll emerge and fly around the reels. But don’t worry, the King of Ghosts has your back. He has set up ghost traps to capture them. Once they’re all safely behind bars, one cage will be left empty displaying a multiplier between 2x and 10x that will be applied to your winnings.

That is, however, not the sum of Zhing’s generosity. If a free spins win includes a King of Ghosts wild symbol, Zhing will expand to fill the entire reel to complete even more winning combinations!

Is King of Ghosts slot from another realm?

In the presence of royalty, we can say that without doubt, King of Ghosts slot is another slot. It’s got some interesting features, and its graphics are fine. However, it just doesn’t have much to distinguish itself from the pack, especially when it comes to slots based on Chinese mythology. Sure, the €333,328 jackpot does make it somewhat attractive, but with the addition of a fairly average 96% RTP rating and high volatility, it’s an overall middle-of-the-road package.

If you’re not finished exploring the supernatural world, we recommend giving Ghosts’N’Gold, Spirited Wonders, and Pink Elephants a try.