Throw a Left Hook for Wins in Fist of Destruction Slot

I loved a good one-on-one combat video game when I was growing up – especially when I got to play them at the arcade. I feel so old saying that. There was Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Combat. They were all great in their own way. Today, multiplayer first-person shooter games have completely subsumed the one-on-one combat game market. They’re still releasing them, but unless you’re Super Smash Bros., you’re not really featured in popular culture much.

With Fist of Destruction slot, Hacksaw Gaming is certainly tapping into my nostalgia for the good old days of video games.

Round one, FIGHT!

During gameplay, blue and orange fist symbols can appear. When they do, they will punch upwards, turning their own position and every position above it wild. The expansion will, however, only occur if the expanding wild has the chance to complete at least one winning combination.


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If a blue fist punches an orange hero symbol and vice versa, the expanded symbol will receive a multiplier value. If it punches through multiple of the opponent’s hero symbols, the multiplier values will be added together. Multiplier values are applied to every winning combination that the expanded wild is involved in.

Three or more FS scatter symbols will trigger a round of the slot’s free spins feature. During a round of free spins, the orange and blue teams will be competing against each other to progress through Victory Levels. To do this, a blue fist will need to punch up through an orange hero and vice versa. Every three opponents a team punches will earn that team one Epic Drop respin. When this happens, a random number of fist symbols will be dropped onto the reels.


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The number of fists that drop during an Epic Drop respin is dependent on the Victory Level. On Level 3, at least three fists will drop. On Level 4, four or more fists will drop. On Level 5, five and only five fists will drop. Fists that land during an Epic Drop will, however, not count towards the team’s Victory Level.

Free spins are also partially re-triggerable, with two scatter symbols adding two extra spins and three scatter symbols adding four extra spins.

Is Fist of Destruction slot a knockout?

If you’re going for the knockout betting at $25 a spin on Fist of Destruction slot, you’ll be playing for up to $250,000 in winnings thanks to the 10,000x max multiplier. If, on the other hand, you’re just looking to tire your opponent out, the betting starts at just $0.10 a spin. The slot offers medium to high volatility and an RTP rating of 96.3%.

Hacksaw Gaming isn’t the first to use classic combat games as inspiration. However, what the slot provider does better than anyone with Fist of Destruction slot is tap into what made those games fun. One of the most important parts of these games was the character selection. This has been offered in other games, but I’ve never seen an execution as good as the one they pulled off here. You can switch characters at any time, and each character has its own identity and voice. There is just so much thought put into just that element. Plus, no less attention has been given to the rest of the slot, either. It’s a beautiful mix of nostalgia, fantastic graphics, and engaging bonus features. I give this one a ten out of ten.

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