It’s All Monkey Business In Go Bananza Slot! Try It.

The coolest cats in the jungle are the monkeys of Go Bananza slot from Booming Games. Well, at least they’re cooler than those baboons with the blue butts – and that’s because they’re helping us win up to €200,000 all by spinning a few lucky reels!

But first, the providers decided to give us a little eye test. Thanks, you know, just in case my cataracts returned. When you see monkeys and bananas and swinging vines all in one graphic, you expect the title to read “Go Bananaz” or something like that…

But look at it again. Yip, random, right? More so than apes wearing Ray Bans.

The best kinda monkey business

We all need an excuse to act the fool every now and again, but luckily Booming Games takes the wheel and lets us do just that for cool wins in this 3-reel classic-spin slot.

This is what happens when content creators keep things simple – we get to sit back, relax, and see if luck has our backs.

Swinging things a little differently, mixing classic slot features with modern slot features, Go Bananza slot offers Unlimited Free Spins, Banana Payouts, and a Gamble Game. Fun. Risky.


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Go bananas for bananas

While I had hoped to pull out something a little more creative than “go bananas for bananas”, sometimes the truth is just better than trying to be a clever cunning linguist.

The bananas in this high volatility game really are something worth going wild about, and that’s because of the awesome Banana Payouts mechanic.

On the left of your screen, you’ll see a board of win possibilities, numbered from 2 to 9. These indicate what you’ll win if you land that number of bananas on your 3×3 grid. Getting a screen full of them will pay you kindly. Like 2,000x your stake.


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To risk it or not to risk it?

That is the question. I have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a Gamble Game in a newly released slot. And it was refreshing. But still frustrating. I think that’s just the default setting with these risk rounds – general frustration. Lol.

I always advise caution with what you’re willing to gamble on. Here you can gamble your wins for double-or-nothing and quadruple-or-nothing.

The final big bonus feature is the Unlimited Free Spins. Although, that’s a bit misleading. You can get 10 Free Spins initially, and you can retrigger them an unlimited number of times.


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Peace out, primates!

Well, that concludes this review, and it’s time for me to leave the monkeys behind and give you the chance to make the most out of Go Bananza slot.

With a 95.5% RTP, excellent graphics, a cool soundtrack, and quirky characters entertaining you throughout this classic slot experience, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try!