Cast a Winning Spell in Luck & Magic Slot

The world’s first recorded magic trick was performed in Ancient Egypt around 2,700 BC. A description of the trick was discovered in the Westcar Papyrus and described a magician named Dedi pulling the heads off a goose, a duck, and an ox before restoring all three of them back to life. Although amazing, it probably wouldn’t go down well at a kid’s birthday party these days.

Skip the pulling off of heads and experience the wonder of Luck & Magic slot from BGaming.

Now you see me

I can best describe the aesthetic of the game as Magic the Gathering but with World of Warcraft characters. I’m not sure that’s a combination anyone is looking for, but it has been executed beautifully.


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When it comes to bonus features, the slot doesn’t exactly have an abundance of them. In fact, the only feature available is the second-screen Bonus Game, which is triggered with the appearance of three bonus symbols.

Once the Bonus game is triggered, you’ll be given the option to choose one of five cards each hiding a mystery multiplier amount. Once you select a card, the multiplier amount will be revealed and will be applied to your current bet amount.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for magic to strike, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s Bonus Game.

Is Luck & Magic slot enchanting or frustrating?

Luck & Magic slot is a simple three-reel game that doesn’t try to do too much. The graphics are a little derivative, but the overall gameplay is more than engaging. If this was a low-volatility game, I think BGaming would have a winner. That is, however, the problem.

The slot has very high volatility, which means that you can forget about small consistent wins. You’ll be hunting almost exclusively for big wins. And to compete for those rare big wins, you’ll have to pony up. The slot’s 1,039x multiplier means that if you bet at the minimum, the most you’ll be able to win is €259.75. And it’s not like €0.25 is the lowest minimum bet we’ve ever seen. The slot has an RTP of 96%.

If you’re looking for a few more magical slots from BGaming, I recommend giving Wild Chicago and Minesweeper a try.