PowerNudge Your Way to Wins in Happy Hooves Slot!

When I first saw that there was a new game being released called Happy Hooves slot, I got weirdly excited. My first thought was, “well, it must be about cows.”

Yeah, cows aren’t the only animals with hooves. I know this. But call it wishful thinking that maybe, just maybe, this game would be some Cow and Chicken comeback. Or a spin on Happy Feet, minus the non-hooved penguins.

It’s neither. It’s about horses.

I’m not disappointed, but the game should be called ‘Majestic Manes’ or something a little less misleading. These guys aren’t the epitome of ‘happy’ standing in a stable. But hey, at least it’s not another Wild West slot.

Black Beauty and his buds

If an authentic theme with authentic characters is what you’re after, then Pragmatic Play certainly delivers that here.

The horses are so lifelike, and the detailed work is exceptional. It’s tranquil and kinda therapeutic too. There’s something so special about horses and horse girls.

Have you seen those YouTube videos of girls who are so obsessed with horses that they gallop around their gardens for no good reason? It’s a subculture I don’t think I could get into. I’m just not into scrunchies or grass.

But I do appreciate a sunset ride down the beach. That’s my idea of happiness. And speaking of happiness, you can win up to €400,000 here. Winning this might be the only time you’ll see me run around on all fours with that #horsegirlenergy.


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Horses gone wild

So, we have every horse under the sun in this high volatility slot (except for unicorns). And you might see them spin as Single Horse or Double Horse symbols.

What’s cool about the Double Horse symbols is that they act as Wilds when they land and substitute all symbols in their color range. The border around the horse symbols dictates which color range they affect.

So red would connect the Aces, green the Kings, purple the Queens, and blue for the Jacks.

You can expect this from the main game, and you know what they say… “Two is better than one.” I hope they’re referring to eyes – not wives.


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Free spins and the PowerNudge

The Happy Hooves slot free spins round features the popular PowerNudge mechanic, which some of you may have seen already. But if not, it’s cool but complicated so let me elaborate.

First, you’ll need to enter the Free Spins game by landing 3 Golden Horse Scatters on the reels. The reels will spin indefinitely, as long as a Mystery Symbol is in play. The Mystery Symbol is a Barn Door with a Horseshoe.

The Mystery Symbols can uncover a specific color Wild or a Golden Symbol. The Golden Symbols hold random coin values on them in the form of a multiplier.

Anyway, the Mystery Symbols will nudge down a row with each spin, and as it does this, it increases the game multiplier by 1x. As I mentioned, they can run indefinitely, and that is because a Nudge Up symbol could be revealed somewhere along the way.

So here’s hoping you nudge those wins all the way to a power payout.


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Ready to smash some stallion wins?

Horses might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but with the PowerNudge mechanic, and €400,000 to win, I’m sure you’ll learn to love them, or at least learn to love Happy Hooves slot.

There’s nothing not to enjoy about it. It has a 96.5% RTP, and the perfect soundtrack to end a long day off with.

Give it a go. I promise there’s no human galloping involved.