Rocket to Wealth with These Epic Rocket Dice Tips!

Rocket Dice is a very simple dice game and the sole objective of the game is to predict whether your number will be higher or lower than the value shown on the two die. There are huge wins up for grabs in this simplistic game, as long as you use your head. Using a simple strategy will help you conserve your bankroll and keep accumulating wins until you can quit the rat race and live on your own private island.

So, without further ado, let’s reveal the secrets of Rocket Dice so we can all become big winners!

Small Odds Might Be A Good Choice

As you scroll higher or lower, you will notice the multiplier changing. Once you get to the final numbers – 2 and 12 – you will notice that the odds drop to 1.01x your stake. While these are the lowest returning bets, if you are happy to take small wins frequently they can be rather lucrative bets. There is a 2.78% chance that two dice will roll a 12, meaning that there is a good chance you will win most of those bets. Sure, you will have the odd loser, but over 100 rolls you should remain in the green.

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A Good Multiplier is Very Risky, But the Rewards Are Excellent

If you want to make big bucks quickly and don’t fancy waiting around for your 1.01 multiplier to make you a millionaire, you can pick a mid-range bet and stick to it. It’s very important that you stick to the same outcome as dice tend to roll in sequences. For example, you can pick under 6 for a 3.56 multiplier. While this bet might return a nice amount, there is a higher chance of it not paying off. That being said, you can risk your win and double it up for the chance to recover those losses. Pick three die and as long as you pick the outcome you will win double your money!

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Use a System and Stick to It

After you’ve picked a number strategy, it’s time to pick your wagering strategy. If you’re going for the 1.01 multiplier then you will likely just want to stick on the same bet every time, as rolling two sets of 12 in a row are very unlikely. The best two strategies we recommend for any other types of bets in Rocket Dice as the modified Martingale and the D’Alembert. The modified Martingale will give you on extra roll of the dice before you go bust compared to the regular Martingale system, so consider this alternative.

Now you know how to play Rocket Dice like a pro, you can start stacking the wins and saving for your very own island. If you keep winning, remember to take profit off the table so that if you do hit a bad run, your profits are kept safe. Don’t forget, every time you roll the dice you will earn points towards the Table Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to win a slice of €1,000. Pick your bets and roll the dice, big wins await with these epic Rocket Dice strategies.