Shake Your Milk-Maker for Moolah in Space Cows to the Moon Slot!

Reach for the stars they say. Well, I’m here to tell you about a cow who had big dreams – well, as big as a cow’s dreams can get.

One moonlit night, Rumpy was told of a fly that went to space. Yeah, he ultimately went poof up there, but Rumpy wanted to prove that cows are more than milk machines. And way smarter than flies, too.

So, in a puff of hay-dust Rumpy was off on an adventure of cosmic proportions – thanks to an unforeseen alien abduction. Oops. Anyway, we’re about to blast off for €200,000 in Space Cows to the Moon slot. Buckle up!

P.S. I made this whole story up. But if the shoe fits…

No farmin’ around

Booming Games went all out with this fun game, starting it off with a great-graphic video detailing Rumpy’s fate.

It is unclear whether Rumpy’s farm buds were zapped up with him or not. But someone, or something, grabbed them, plonked helmets on them and sent them out into the abyss.

Here goes story time with Sophie again. I rate the dog (yeah, the smartest one of the lot), decided to embark on a rescue mission to save Rumpy from rogue aliens, along with his barnyard buds – because what else were they gonna do? Become dinner?


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This game’s got my head spinning

Speaking of spinning, how about getting up to 12 Free Spins to bring the cows home? You can activate the bonus game by landing 3-5 Scatters on the reels, or by purchasing the bonus as the quicker, easier, and more expensive way.

It could be worth it though, because the high volatility, 95.6% RTP Space Cows to the Moon slot comes complete with 2 Wilds, a Standard Wild and a Multiplier Wild. Like any unwanted alien encounter, you can imagine the surprises this game brings…

Think insanely good UFO Features! Let’s get into it.


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They can abduct me any time

Space Cows to the Moon slot’s UFO Features are out of this world. You get Beaming Wilds, Multiplier Wilds, Minor Destruction, and Major Upgrades.

Here’s how they work: Once all wins and tumbles have come to an end, there’s a chance to hit a random UFO feature, which can be hit up to 5 times.

Beaming Wilds transform symbols into Wilds, Multiplier Wilds transform symbols into Wilds with a 2x multiplier, while Minor Destruction removes minor symbols off the grid, and Major Upgrade includes boosting all minor symbols into major ones. It’s all very cool and fun to see in action!


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Take me to the moon!

In the zany universe of Space Cows to the Moon slot, we tagged along with Rumpy, the cosmic dreamer of the cow world. Booming Games has totally nailed it with this game, starting us off with a wild video featuring Rumpy’s intergalactic journey.

Who cares if the farm crew got swooped up too? It’s an all-out rescue mission, where you can score up to 12 Free Spins to round up the cows. Complete with Beaming Wilds, Multiplier Wilds, and other extraterrestrial surprises, this slot’s a full-on experience.

I reckon you should give it a try if you enjoy multi-feature games with great graphics and gameplay!