Shoot Down the Other Pirate Ships in Wild Seas Slot and Win Big

The sails are set and your journey across the pirate infested Wild Seas slot is an adventure that will show you what life as one of the baddest pirates known to man is like. With strong winds helping you pick up speed, your crew of wild buccaneers is looking for a captain that will lead them to the gold.

You are not the only crew trying to get rich as there is plenty of competition out there, all of them looking to take you down. The €278,000 max win being one of the reasons why so your biggest chance of being victorious and to survive goes through a spectacular two level bonus game.

Show ELK Studios that you can lead your crew like legendary Blackbeard and the big wins shall come!

Time to Get Going

If the winds continue to be on your side, conquering the 5 reels and 178 paylines will be a breeze. The graphics undoubtedly brings an authentic pirate vibe and with the destinations in the background, you want to get going as soon as possible.


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Already carrying a €278,000 max win, the 96.30% RTP is in your favor. A high volatility is nothing compared to your rival pirates, so keep in mind there is a 2,780x multiplier floating around out there as well.

Level 1 – Break the Convoy

Your ship’s flag is crucial when it comes to being a pirate and yours says “Wild Seas.” If you can manage to find two of them, you will be off to the races in level 1 of an epic bonus game.

One of the other captains will be randomly selected as your opponent and your job is to take down his ship. Nice! A convoy of ships will start on reel 5 and make their way across the reels with each free spin. If a pirate ship shows up, it can fire its cannons at any ship that is on the same row, which will damage it and make it sit still for 1 spin.

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In order to sink one of them, you need to hit it three times before you can get to the loot. Collect as much of it as possible before the next level, but if you can’t sink at least one of the ships, the feature will end.

Level 2 – Loot the Treasures

When no ships are left and you’ve sunk at least one, level 2 will begin. The treasure chests are now sticky wilds and you will also see barrels of explosives. If you hit one of those, it will explode and your bonus adventure will be over so make sure to hold your fire or at least aim right.

Mission Accomplished

It is dangerous and the pirates may be as crazy as they come but this is a very exciting and entertaining game, as we’re sure your pulse will tell you as well.

Shoot down the ships, get the loot and sail back home safely after your mission is completed. Good luck!