There’s Only One Way to go from Rock Bottom Slot

Schadenfreude is a German word that describes the concept of deriving pleasure from someone else’s pain. It’s why we watch reality TV and can’t look away when the guy getting shouted at by his wife in the frozen vegetable section of the supermarket. Nolimit City has made a business out of producing slots that exemplify the concept of Schadenfreude.

Take a trip down the well of someone else’s despair in Rock Bottom slot.

Five stages of grief

As with most Nolimit City slots, xSplit symbols will divide themselves and high-paying symbols in half increasing the slot’s ways to win. This process can occur up to three times which will divide a single symbol into eight separate symbols.


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The appearance of three or four scatter symbols on the reels will unlock a round of Headshrinker Free Spins. The number of free spins you will be awarded is determined by how many spots the scatter symbols used to unlock the feature can be nudged before they reach the bottom of their respective reels.

Once unlocked, Headshrinker Free Spins gameplay revolves around the five stages of grief, each with its own high-paying symbol. During each stage, the appearance of that stage’s symbol on the reels will cause it to expand and fill the entire reel. Additionally, every high-paying symbol that appears on the reels will increase that symbol’s win multiplier by 1x. The win multiplier is applied to any winning combination of that particular symbol. To progress through levels, you will need to collect five scatter symbols. Each scatter symbol will award one extra spin and progressing to a new level will award two extra spins.

If you want to take it up a notch, you’ll need five scatter symbols in the base game to unlock Insanity Spins. The number of Insanity Spins awarded is determined by the same formula as is used for Headshrinker Free Spins. For the most part, Insanity Spins have all the same bonus features as Headshrinker Free Spins with one addition. If a high-paying symbol forms a winning combination with other symbols that turn into an expanded wild, then the multiplier values of both symbols will be added together and applied to the win. This gives you a shot at some huge multiplier wins.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around on the mean streets, you can select to purchase a round of free spins. The slot’s buy bonus feature allows you to purchase a round of either Headshrinker Free Spins or Insanity Spins. You can also select to purchase a mystery option that could be either. The mystery option could mean you pay too much for Headshrinker Free Spins, but you also have the chance at a very cheap round of Insanity Spins.

Does Rock Bottom slot need therapy?

A slot about someone’s journey through grief is pretty tame subject matter for a company that has produced slots like Serial and The Boarder and I, for one, am grateful for the change of pace. The graphics in Rock Bottom slot are still a little risqué, but that adds to the gameplay without the baggage that comes standard with most Nolimit slots. Plus, the monochromatic background makes these graphics all the more striking and gives the slot a unique visual identity.

Unlike most Nolimit slots, you won’t have to contend with very high volatility. This is great since the slot still offers a healthy 96.04% RTP with an impressive 19,690x max multiplier. So, you can bump your bet amount way down and still be in contention for some impressive wins. All in all, Rock Bottom slot is one of my favorite Nolimit slots to date.

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