Taste Far Eastern flavor in Geisha slot!

Some professions never get a fair shake. Think of clowns, for example. Does anyone reckon those red-nosed, big-shoe-wearing types are entertaining? Stephen King pretty much ruined their careers single-handedly but they’re not the only entertainers who’ve gotten a bad rap.

Mention the word “Geisha” to most people and the response will be “Ah, the Japanese prostitutes”. Erm, no. Those painted ladies (and men, as it turns out) were not in the happy ending business; they were strictly entertainers.

And entertainment – and big wins – is what we’re about here at BitStarz after all, so hold onto your kimonos as we delve into Geisha slot; the 5-reel, 25-pay line game from Endorphina.


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Serenity is the name of the game

Geisha slot is set against the stunning backdrop of a serene Japanese landscape. On the reels are umbrellas, Japanese lettering, shamisen (the traditional, three-stringed sitar-type instruments), geta (wooden sandals), pagodas (the Scatter symbol), koi fish (Wilds), and of course our geishas themselves.

And “serene” is the keyword for this game. From the gentle traditional music to the geisha’s and their tea ceremonies, the entire experience is all about chilling. So it comes as a surprise that there’s a “turbo” button, but for impatient people (present company included) it will be a welcome addition.


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When it comes to features, Geisha slot is not exactly brimming with em – there are precisely two features and they’re pretty bog-standard. There’s the usual Risk Game where after each win during regular play, you can try to double your money by choosing a card that’s higher than the dealers.

The second feature happens when you land 3 or more Scatters – this will set off the 10 re-triggerable Free Spins with Geisha Jokers. You’ll be handsomely rewarded for your efforts though with 1x – 3x multipliers on your wins.


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Say “Kon’nichiwa” to a €340,000 max win!

So the question then is: why play Geisha slot if it’s so bereft of features? We can give you 340,000 reasons! That figure is the max win that you could pocket which could easily get you a trip to Japan to experience the geishas in person!

The game has a respectable RTP of 96%. Its medium volatility means wins will be more frequent than on games with a higher volatility, but it also means that landing the big daddy win could take a little more effort. If geishas and the whole samurai thing is up your alley, why not try your hand at Bushido Ways? So with that, we bid you ganbarou (good luck)!