Which Is Better: Greedy Wolf Slot or Big Bad Wolf Slot?

Wolves – they’re the epitome of gluttony. Or at least that’s what children’s books want us to believe, for some reason. I don’t see lions or sharks getting bad reps out here.

A wolf ate Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, a wolf tormented the 3 Little Pigs. Needless to say, those affected came out with a mild case of… psychosis.

Anyway, Pragmatic Play just released Greedy Wolf slot. And I’ve heard whispers that it reminds slot fans a lot of Big Bad Wolf slot from Quickspin.

So I thought: “Hey, let’s see which one has more huff than puff and which one you should play for a bigger payday.” Off we go.

Pragmatic Play unleashed the beast in Greedy Wolf slot



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It makes sense why there is a familiarity between these two slots – they’re both based on the same story. 1 wolf, 3 pigs, and lots and lots of house building.

Greedy Wolf slot is the newer of the two, and this could be why the graphics are way better. They’re animated, the quality is great, and the wolf looks like a puppy I’d want to pet. So that’s fun.

It has a medium to high volatility, a 96.48% RTP, and a maximum win of €300,000.


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The features in this Pragmatic Play game are excellent. EXCELLENT. I didn’t expect the Free Spins round to go the way it did.

At first I was watching straw squares upgrade to wood squares and then to brick squares – and I wasn’t sure why. Until I got to the end of the round and saw a screen filled with win values! I won €10,000 doing this, and I didn’t even know it at first. Amazing.

The other features include base game modifiers such as Greedy Wolf Wilds, and 3 Little Pigs Wilds and Respins. These can be triggered on any random spin and all these features are what makes Greedy Wolf slot a stellar game to play.

Quickspin’s Big Bad Wolf slot has a whole series



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And this means it has to be good! There’s a Megaways edition and a Christmas edition. But in the case of this review, I will compare apples with apples and only look at the O.G Big Bad Wolf slot.

In terms of graphics, it stays true to the essence of the typical children’s book. Pastel colors, teddy bears and a Winnie the Pooh type adorability. In this one, the wolf is meaner – and I guess that’s also factually more appropriate. LOL.

While I can see the intelligent choices made here, a player will need to be someone who can appreciate the graphics, otherwise they could get bored. This slot has a medium volatility, a 97.34% RTP, and a maximum win of €122,500.


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The Quickspin rendition offers a Pigs Turn Wild feature, Free Spins, and a Blowing Down the House feature.

Personally, I enjoy all of the features, especially Blowing Down the House. This is where animation comes in, and you can almost share in the stress the little pigs are feeling. Because this wolf is mean, man. Mean.

But he can huff and puff those wins your way – because there are multipliers, free spins, and wild pigs to play with.

Which slot will have you bringing home the bacon?

It’s all a matter of luck. Both of these slots have the potential to pay out mega money, so maybe it should be about which slot is the more enjoyable one, which one suits your personality better.

They both do the 3 Little Pigs story justice, that’s granted… But if you prefer a more exciting game to play then the new Greedy Wolf slot takes the cake. There’s a thrill at every turn.

Big Bad Wolf slot is subtle, more relaxed – so if you have an appreciation for classic interpretations of children’s stories then this one is perfect to play.

My favorite though… It’s Greedy Wolf. But that’s because I know Big Bad Wolf so well that a change of scenery was welcome.