The Champ is Here in Donkey and The GOATS Slot

When it comes to boxing, everyone has their own ideas of who is the greatest of all time. For me, it’s Ali. His three-year ban from the sport because of his refusal to go to Vietnam was a crime against boxing. His fights against Frazier and Foreman are legendary and are only matched by his ability to promote a fight with his quick wit and quicker mouth. I do, however, concede that there are others.

If your answer is Sugar Ray Robbinson, Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, or The Gypsy King himself, Tyson Fury, I would find it hard to argue with you. Those are all great choices.

Explore the boxing Hall of Fame that is Donkey and The GOATS slot from AvatarUX and stand a chance to win big.

Round One – Fight!

It’s hard to say exactly which boxers are featured in the game, the graphics aren’t exactly photorealistic. However, Tyson and Ali are certainly featured. The game recreates the famous photo of Ali standing over Liston after he knocked him down to win his first heavyweight championship. In fact, Ali is featured a lot in the graphics. I’m also fairly certain Apollo Creed is there, which is a weird choice.


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The slot’s most basic bonus mechanic is cascading reels, which will remove symbols that are involved in winning combinations, allowing new symbols to fall into the empty spots. This gives you multiple chances to win on every spin. In Donkey and The GOATS slot, three cascading wins unlocks a multiplier that is applied to any subsequent wins. The multiplier will continue to grow with every third cascade. In the base game, once a spin has been completed, the multiplier will be reset. However, during a round of free spins, the multiplier will continue to grow for the entire duration.

When a donkey symbol lands on the reels, a random Vegas Reel Reward will be triggered. The rewards on offer include a wild bomb, synced reels, and low-paying symbol removal. During free spins, each time a Vegas Reel Reward is triggered, one extra free spin will be awarded.

A round of free spins is triggered with three or more bonus symbols. Once triggered, you’ll get to spin the Champions Wheel to determine the exact nature of your round of free spins. The variables include different amounts of ways to win and different amounts of free spins.


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If you’re not keen on going all 15 rounds, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s bonus features. Donkey and The GOATS slot has one of the most extensive buy bonus features that I have ever seen, with a lot of options to choose from.

Is Donkey and The GOATS slot up for a fight?

When you launch Donkey and The GOATS slot, the graphics and the layout of the slot feel overwhelming. There is just so much. It feels like every inch of the slot is a chaotic jumble. However, once you start spinning the reels, the magic of the chaos comes into view. The graphics giving you a metaphorical punch in the face feels almost intentional. Plus, as a boxing fan, including graphics of Tyson and Ali in your slot is always going to get me interested. The slot backs that appeal up, though. The bonus features are fun and extensive, which really is putting it mildly. Donkey and The GOATS slot may just have cracked the list of my top five favorite slots of all time.

The slot does have high volatility, which means you’ll be chasing the rare big wins without the guarantee of small, consistent wins. However, thanks to the 20,000x max multiplier, you can stretch your balance by betting close to the €0.20 minimum, and you’ll still have a shot at some nice wins. The slot has an RTP of 96%.

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