The MacBeefs Are Out for Alien Blood in Moo Snatchers Slot!

Seriously, what’s the alien fascination with cows? It’s always the same old story – “those mangy extraterrestrial folk helped themselves to my milk-makers!”

Moo Snatchers slot is all about aliens’ beef with cows. They don’t just abduct them and call it a day; they zap the bejesus out of them so we can win up to $250,000.

Luckily, the cows at Rusty Acres Farm have Honey Boo Boos’ redneck cousins protecting them, at the expense of the poor chickens though. When Mama MacBeef gets mad, she gets real mad – and throttles a hen!

Ready to grab your tin foil hat and ponder life’s greatest mysteries with me, like why aliens haven’t figured out that tofu exists? Let’s do it.

Meet the MacBeefs

Kalamba Games cut no corners when it comes to the fun in this absurd slot. Never did I think I’d laugh at crop circles ever again, thanks to Jeepers Creepers and Signs. But Kalamba (and maybe one of the Scary Movie sequels) did it!

Moo Snatchers slot is comedy gold, and a great game to play and win on too. It’s all set on the MacBeefs’ Rusty Acres Farm, where we all bear witness to utter madness and mayhem, including farm-fires, levitating cows, monster tractors, alien audacity and one really pissed off family of farmers.

If this is just the storyline, then can you imagine the game features? Brace yourself, because those are even wilder, if you can believe it.


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Three HyperBet Levels

You can decide how you want to play Moo Snatchers slot, thanks to the 3 different HyperBet levels to choose from. The highest HyberBet level will increase the number of ways to win from 4,096 to 15,625. Also, the higher the HyperBet, the higher the RTP, and the more K-Cash symbols you’ll get.

What’s K-Cash? Well, it’s instant Kalamba Cash that you can win. The cows in the game have cash amounts on them when they land on the reels, all you need to do is get at least three cows in the first three columns to win the total amount of K-Cash shown.

The K-Cash feature is really cool, and it’s in play in both the base and bonus game, but way better in the bonus game! Yay.


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Free Spins and Super Free Spins

We don’t get one Bonus Game game to play, we get two: the Free Spins or Super Free Spins bonuses. This game is spoiling us with a feast of features, I won’t complain!

Let’s chat about the Free Spins first. To trigger up to 20 free games, thanks to the ample chances of getting extras added, 3 or more Level 1 Bonus symbols, the Blue UFOs, must land on the reels.

The Super Free Spins, on the other hand, requires 3 or more Level 2 Bonus symbols, or Gold UFOs, to hit the reels in a spin for the chance at playing up to 30 free games.

Keep an eye on the Free Spins Value Meter in the rounds and expect K-Cash chaos in every spin!


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More missing cows, more money for us!

I think I’ve found my game for the summer, thank you very much. Moo Snatchers slot has it all, Buy Bonus options, 3 HyperBet levels, huge max wins, and all the laughs too!

It does have a high volatility, which makes it a more suitable game for more experienced slot players. But if you’re as daring as these audacious aliens are, then give it a go anyway.

Who knows? You might just zap yourself the motherload! If floating cows and ETs are a thing, then you becoming a big winner in Moo Snatchers slot is too 🙂