The Machines Have Taken Over in Machina Prize Match Slot

AI was a fun little plot mechanism for a good action movie until it suddenly wasn’t. ChatGPT and all the image and video generators have become terrifyingly good. I do wish they were taking away my chores so that I had more time for art instead of doing my art, so I have more time for chores, but who am I to complain?

Meet our new machine overlords in the brand new Kalamba release Machina Prize Match slot.

Step into the future

One of the more notable elements of the slot is the two glowing frames on reels one and two, which are part of the slot’s K-Cash feature. If you manage to get two of the same symbols in the two frames that are part of a winning combination, all other instances of the symbol that make up the winning combination will receive a cash amount on top of the standard win amount.


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During base gameplay, the appearance of one or two purple and/or gold cubes on the reels at once will add to the free spins meters. The longer you go without triggering a round of free spins, the more free spins you’ll be able to accumulate.

A round of free spins is triggered when three or more purple and/or gold cubes appear on the reels at once. During a round of free spins, an additional glowing K-Cash frame is added and any K-Cash win will receive a multiplier before being awarded.


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If you’re not keen on unlocking a round of free spins the old-fashioned way, the slot’s Buy Bonus feature gives you the chance to purchase a round instead.

Is Machina Prize Match slot the future we hoped for?

If you are planning on betting at the $20-a-spin maximum, you’ll have a shot at up to $249,940 in winnings. This very specific win amount comes about thanks to the very specific 12,497x maximum multiplier. The slot features high volatility and a variable RTP of between 96.48% and 96.85%.

Kalamba released the original Machina slot in 2019. Machina Reloaded Megaways and Machina Mini-max were then both released in 2022. Somehow, over five years after releasing the first slot in the series, Kalamba has now released the worst-looking installment. The 2019 original was gritty and gave all the Blade Runner vibes. The Reloaded version transformed the dystopian landscape a bit and gave more Alita: Battle Angel vibes. What all three previous versions had in common was some amazing graphics, specifically in the backgrounds that gave life to the world you had been thrust into. Machina Prize Match slot does away with all that in favor of low-res blurred backgrounds, and it’s incredibly sad. The slot is otherwise fine, but I can’t forgive them for removing the slot’s soul. I give Machina Prize Match slot a four out of ten.

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