What is the Best Bitcoin Casino and Why?

What is the Best Bitcoin Casino and Why?

Bitcoin isn’t just taking over the online casino domain, it’s practically dominating it. Never before has an innovation – bar the Internet itself – had the power to change the way that the world gambles. With the online casino industry opening up further each year, you can only see Bitcoin, along with other cryptocurrencies such as LTC and BCH, having a further role to play in its direction.

Considering that Bitcoin’s industry influence is increasing by the day so is the number of casinos offering the cryptocurrency as a payment option. However, for every online casino that is handling Bitcoin implementation the right way, there appears to be dozens of duds in the mix that players should openly avoid. Finding the Best Bitcoin Casino isn’t always easy, as it’s a matter of ticking boxes in order to find one that is able to live up to the hype.

No matter whether you’re a high roller, jackpot hunter, or casual player, there seems to be only one bitcoin casino that ticks the box for all. That bitcoin casino is BitStarz. Now, we know what you’re thinking, it’s a bit obvious promoting BitStarz on the blog, but humor us for a moment. As you’ll have seen, our posts deal in facts, with this blog entry being absolutely no exception. The following looks at not only what makes for the best Bitcoin casino, but also how BitStarz has stepped up to meet practically every criterion!

Why is BitStarz the Best Bitcoin Casino?

  • Big-time Prizes, Big-time Action – Big Wins

    By putting Bitcoin front and center – “Bit” is part of its name after all – BitStarz has changed the way making deposits, placing wagers, and withdrawing winnings are handled. Dealing in crazy-low transaction costs, it’s able to offer players better odds, putting other bitcoin casinos to the sword when it comes to paying out big time prizes. While BitStarz does offer standard currency support, through Bitcoin it’s able to cut down the usual overheads, passing that benefit onto players. More exciting and certainly more profitable, you can rest easy knowing that you really are chasing the biggest prizes possible at BitStarz.

  • Nothing but Speed – Performance

    We said at the start of this post that we would be dealing in facts, so here’s a pretty big one. Not only can you register in 30 seconds flat, but also BitStarz delivers a withdrawal speed with Bitcoin that is one of the fastest in the world. From withdrawal to completion, the entire cashout process can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Other online casinos have the tendency to throw up plenty of hurdles when it comes to “grabbing the cash”, but BitStarz is the opposite as it understands that players want fast access to any winnings they make.

  • The Choice is Yours – Variety

    Excellent odds, top-of-the-line security, friendly customer support, and the latest casino innovations automatically give BitStarz a pretty impressive edge, but that’s not all it’s able to do. Like any truly great online casino – let alone the best Bitcoin casino – BitStarz is able to give players an unreal sense of variety. A lot of brands that stake claim to being the best Bitcoin casino are able to offer a few hundred titles, but BitStarz takes things well beyond that, offering over 1,000 casino games – with nearly half being Bitcoin games.

    How this comes about is pretty easy to grasp, BitStarz works with the biggest and brightest game providers in the world. Thinking of its players, it cuts absolutely no corners, with NetEnt, Microgaming, Amatic, SoftSwiss, Spinomenal, and BetSoft among others all on board. Video slots, classic slots, and various table favorites blend together seamlessly with the barrage of available bonuses and promotions to deliver a truly enthralling casino experience. Other bitcoin casinos probably aren’t bad when it comes to choice, but BitStarz just proves to be better in practically every department.

    It isn’t just the level of game choice that makes BitStarz the best Bitcoin casino, it’s the massive wins that comes with it. Giving players the chance to bet as they please, the max bet levels at BitStarz far outdo what you’ll find elsewhere. For example, in our live blackjack games you can wager up to 10 BTC, which equals approximately €100,000. Perfect for high rollers and jackpot hunters, BitStarz lets you truly bet big!

  • Giving True Meaning to VIP – Bonuses

    Every online casino offers bonuses, with that much being obvious, but the best Bitcoin casino sites understand the importance of going the extra mile. The promotions here are anything but cookie cutter, as BitStarz opts for the tailored approach through the likes of Slot Wars, Table Wars, and Free Spins Wednesday. Even when it comes to its welcome bonus, you have a choice of the standard offering – which is hardly small – or something that is a little more high-roller friendly. Not only that, the sheer size of the BitStarz Welcome Bonus bests all other BTC casinos. Across the initial first four deposits made, any player can grab up to €50,000 in bonus funds, it’s safe to say that no other Bitcoin casino can even come close to competing with this.

    You’ll also find that the casino promotions at BitStarz deal in more than just money, bonuses, and free spins. Tech and holidays are also rolled out; see the recent Dream Island Giveaway promotion that dished out not only bonuses and free spins at every level, but an iPhone X and a holiday to the Maldives as top prizes. If you’ve had enough of bitcoin casinos that do promotions in half-measures, take a look at BitStarz, as they are making a valiant effort to give players something substantial to enjoy.

  • Games on the Go – Mobile

    Flexibility stands at the heart of what BitStarz are about, at it doesn’t take mobile matters lightly at all. For most mobile bitcoin casinos, mobile play presents something of a half-baked effort, with it even being ignored entirely at some sites. BitStarz has invested big in optimization for mobile play, including working with providers that make mobile-playable games. Constantly working with in-house developers to improve the on the go gambling experience, mobile bitcoin casino goes beyond being just a compliment to the desktop site, it’s able to stand stall as a gambling platform all of its own.

    Mobile Bitcoin Slots - iPhone X - BitStarz Casino

    With hundreds of available games – many of which are provably fair – mobile play arguably doesn’t get any bigger nor any better than at BitStarz, as it’s a true small screen delight on iPhone and Android devices.

  • Under Lock and Key – Security

    Player security is obviously of major importance, so it’s not something that BitStarz takes lightly. Through Bitcoin, the level of security is heightened even further, as the usual threats that come about through the use of bank transfer, credit cards, and debit cards are completely nullified. Plus, BitStarz offers two factor authentication (2FA), which provides an extra layer of security to an account. With Bitcoin hitting consistent ATHs, you’re obviously going to want to make sure that it remains under lock and key so to speak. BitStarz guarantees total payment security, so you can be sure of total-safety when you choose it as your preferred gambling platform.

    BitStarz also stands by Provably Fair Games – specifically via SoftSwiss’ growing game catalogue – as it’s able to set a true industry benchmark for transparency. Through a cryptographic method, neither BitStarz nor the player can possibly know the outcome of a game before it starts. For those that want to further understand the lengths that BitStarz go to when it comes to provability, we suggest that you check out the casino’s detailed explanation of the process, along with this helpful video explanation above.

  • Lending a Helping Hand – Support

    We won’t name names, but customer support isn’t exactly a priority for most Bitcoin casinos. Not willing to help players, a lot of the brands that claim to be the best Bitcoin casino seem to be happy to leave players struggling. BitStarz is proving that you don’t have to be harsh in order to be successful, as all players are given a warm welcome here. The customer support channels at BitStarz are some of the most extensive around, as 24/7 customer service is offered. It doesn’t matter if you’re a night owl or an early bird, BitStarz will have a customer service agent waiting in the wings to help you out.

    BitStarz Bitcoin Casino Live Chat Support - Excellent

    Forget the robot-driven customer service you’ve encountered elsewhere, as it’s a case of “no robots allowed” at BitStarz. Standing behind the Live Chat and Email Support at BitStarz is a team of real humans, all of which prove to be approachable, skilled, and have the authorization to solve problems in a flash. Customer service is there to help you, but at BitStarz it’s a surprisingly social affair as well. Delivering live support with personality, you can easily receive the help you need and hang out all at the same time.

    For those that do want to step into the VIP, the player support is able to go one step further. BitStarz got its start as the dream of a small group of casino industry veterans, all of which had a vision of how the best Bitcoin casino should function. For this reason, VIP account managers that carry a true wealth of experience back the platform. BitStarz customer service has become legendary.

  • Award-winning Online Casino

    BitStarz has been pushing boundaries ever since its digital doors first opened. Since then, it’s been a case of going the extra mile to give members the top-grade online casino experience they demand. Proving that BitStarz is truly at the top of its game, the casino has been named Best Online Casino in 2017 at the inaugural AskGamblers Awards.

    The Best Online Casino Award - BitStarz Casino

    While this might be the very first AskGamblers awards show, it easily ranks as one of the most prestigious industry honors. Voted for by the community, it’s a testament to just how respected BitStarz has become in the gambling commuting. Beating out over 1,200 other online casinos to win the Best Casino in 2017 title, what’s clear is that BitStarz isn’t just making waves anymore; it’s winning awards as well!

Experience the Best Bitcoin Casino!

When you register at BitStarz, you have the feeling that you are signing up to something special – something that isn’t like anything that has come before. There are other online casinos that claim to be the best Bitcoin casino, but history shows that they tend to fall short of the title. BitStarz is different; it’s listened to its players and gone out of its way to create a platform that appeals to players of all budget and playing styles, this is on top of delivering regular Bitcoin News and Updates that helps players stay on top of the latest cryptocurrency developments. There’s a reason that it ranks as the No.1 BTC casino at AskGamblers, as BitStarz delivers the total package, something that other so-called big-time Bitcoin casinos fall way short of doing.

Best Bitcoin Casino - BitStarz Casino

What is the best Bitcoin casino is a pretty common question, but now you have the answer, as there is really only one contender for the crown and that’s BitStarz!

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