What Should Players Expect From an Online Casino?


Online gambling is growing. The market is projected to rise from $46.7 billion today to $89 billion by 2025. At the same time, brick and mortar casinos are seeing revenues and stock prices tumble. Online gambling has become more attractive as the technology has improved, with more players swapping Las Vegas for the living room. As an online casino customer, you are just as valued as much as a land-based one. If you’re considering making the swap that thousands do every week, what should you expect when you try out online gambling?


First and foremost, the developers and corporate owners of online casinos like BitStarz make it a point that the website has a strong security foundation. Legitimate operators go through painstaking and expensive processes to secure a customer’s information, comply with the law, and make all financial transactions encrypted. The security measures used in the online gambling industry is as powerful as those used in banking systems – this should tell you plenty about just how safe it is to play at a reputable online casino


Playing at a land-based casino makes you a recognizable character. People might start talking about you, and you might get a kind of reputation you do not want. Big wins might result in unwanted attention from operators or those with designs on parting you from your hard earned cash, such as Joseph Moody.

Online, nobody knows who you are except the computer systems and a few select people who manage the security system. You can hide behind a username, and no one else will know anything about your gambling activities unless you tell them or you stream them on YouTube. Plus, your winnings are cashed out straight into your bank account, so there’s no danger of a third party picking your pocket.

Value for Money

Land-based casinos give you comps in terms of drinks and foods, but online ones can double your money up to a certain amount and more. Some will even give you free spins, and some will host regular tournaments that will allow you to win exclusive prizes. These things are called bonuses and promotions. Nothing is more important to a player than having a fighting chance to get back what he might have lost. More importantly, you can do this online without shelling out more money, as the casino will do it for you if you opt-in.


How many games can you find in an online casino? 25? 100? Online, there are literally thousands of table games and slot games – more than 1800 in the case of BitStarz – offering different rules, payouts, variants, and bet sizes, even games featuring live dealers and players. Most online casinos also offer free to play versions of these games, which is something a land-based casino most certainly won’t do.

Give Online Casino Play a Try Today

There are many advantages to online casinos like BitStarz, and fans of brick and mortar casinos might find that they surpass expectation in terms of security, variety, and how closely they resemble the real thing. And, with bonuses and promotions always on offer, there’s never a bad time to try them out.

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