2 Million B.C slot is one entertaining escapade!

Players, carve your way to evolutionary wins because we’re heading back to the Stone Age with 2 Million B.C slot. Millions of years ago, the coolest thing before sliced bread were rock tools. Neanderthal life was pretty straightforward, the men were hunter-gatherers and the women were in charge of the family. But believe it or not, this simple existence all changed when cavewomen decided they wanted diamonds.

One courageous caveman’s quest for a diamond takes place in this prehistoric slot, and boy does he have mountains to climb to get it. Sharpen your tools because we’re hunting for diamonds and a max win of €337,250.

You’re entering a land before time

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with this Betsoft slot, and follow the journey of one brave caveman on a hunt to please his lady – with diamonds. Digging for diamonds was pretty risky back in those days, and many obstacles were faced, like slaying saber-tooth tigers and dodging bonehead bees. But hey, happy wife, happy life, right? Some things never change.

Let’s take a look at what 2 Million B.C life looks like – according to the makers of this slot. There were Cavewomen, Rock Art, Rubies, Bees, Saber-tooth Tigers, Wooden Battens, Clay Pots, Stone Bracelets, Wheels, and Grand Rock Formations.


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There are 3 special symbols on the reels, each with prehistoric powers that unlock brilliant bonuses. We have a Fire, an Acorn, and a Diamond.

Primitive features for age-old rewards

If you’re wondering why 2 Million B.C slot comes with no Wild symbol, the answer is simple… it’s not needed. There are plenty of awesome symbols in this game that will have you chiseling towards big wins and epic bonuses.

First up is the Free Spins Mode. Landing 3 or more Fire symbols will activate free spins. And trust us, you can add so many extra spins to the batch because this bonus can be retriggered time and time again by landing more of those lucky Fire symbols.


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Up next is the Saber Attack Feature, which is just that – the opportunity to knock out the saber-tooth tiger and get him out of the way of this diamond hunt. To show off your rock throwing skills, you’ll need to land 3 or more Acorn symbols on the reels in order to help the caveman aim and shoot the ancient predator for instant wins.


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And onto the shiniest bonus of this medium volatility slot, the Diamond Stealing Round. Landing 3 or more Diamond symbols in a winning combination will give you and the caveman a chance to snatch the diamond right out of the sleeping saber-tooth’s paws. But tread lightly with this one, your mode of stealth could get you in tiger trouble.


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Go on and excavate those wins

2 Million B.C slot is one entertaining escapade because we have our heroic caveman communicating with us in whatever language he speaks, at every win. Listen out for “booya” and “raaaaaar”.

This is a 91.94% RTP slot, and suited for every kind of video game player because it is packed with exciting features and interactive play modes. 2 Billion B.C slot will have you laughing your loins off with its quirkiness.

Get in on the diamond hunt and make your lady proud with this Neolithic slot!