Battle the Reels and Pocket the Gold in 12 Trojan Mysteries Slot

When it comes to using tricks and distractions to sneak past enemy lines, nothing beats the Trojan horse. A brilliant move by the Greeks and for it to be the chess move that won them the war makes the whole thing even better. Then again, if only Paris had kept his hands off the King of Sparta’s wife, none of it would have happened.

We can’t promise that sticking a wooden horse on your screen will help you win in the 12 Trojan Mysteries slot, but players have been known to do a lot weirder stuff in order to win. Whatever floats your boat and if it leads to a €200,000 max win, nobody can judge you. Mystery free spins and a buy feature will be fighting by your side, increasing your chances of getting a big win.

So, screw your wig on tight and let’s see what Yggdrasil has in store for us!

Line up the Two Culprits

An epic odyssey awaits and Greek mythology action at its finest will take place across 6 reels and 4,096 paylines. While the great walls of Troy take care of the backdrop, you will be figuring out thow to line up the two culprits Paris and Helen of Troy plus the others in winning combinations. Helen is put on a pedestal as the highest value symbol.


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The game has a 96.50% RTP and high volatility, while the bet limit sits at a lower €10 per spin. Since we have already mentioned the €200,000 max win, quick math will tell you that there is a 20,000x multiplier hiding in there somewhere. Will it be hidden away in a wooden horse?

Keep the Mystery Going

Of course the horse plays a part in this game and as the mystery symbol, it can have a big effect. If a certain symbol would help forming a winning combo, the mystery symbol feature is activated and the horse may transform into the missing piece. Not a bad little helper!

Trojan Free Spins

If you want to try your luck on free spins, you need to land 3-6 scatters. You will get 12 spins regardless of how many you land but if you get more than 3 scatters you will also get a nice payout.

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So, once you’re off and running, for every new scatter you land you will get an extra spin for as long as you can keep it going. The big helper however, is the Mystery Meter sitting above the reels. On every spin, it will pick a random symbol and when the horse shows up on the reels, it will turn into the chosen mystery symbol.

Wait, there’s more. After every spin, the lowest symbol will be removed from the meter, giving you a better chance at winning big. Should a trojan horse appear on your last spin, it will turn into Helen of Troy, who holds the highest value. Boom!

Head Straight to the Bonus Round

Sometimes you just want to speed things up and this is why there’s a buy feature in play. It will cost you 50x your stake but it will also take you straight to the free spins round and the big bucks. Cha-ching!

Capitalize on the Legend

A historic battle lives on through the 12 Trojan Mysteries slot and we are happy to be a part of it. Head back in time and capitalize on the legend and fill your pockets with all the gold the City of Troy has to offer. It doesn’t sound too bad, right?