BitStarz Player Smashes Records by Winning $845,000!

When it comes to big wins, they don’t get much bigger than a $845,000 payday. One lucky player tamed the reels and walked away with the biggest win EVER at BitStarz. Scooping an epic $845,000 in four spins, this player clearly has his strategy down to an art form. Breaking a BitStarz record, the player scooped $275,375.85 (69.19 BTC) in a single spin on Brave Viking Slot, beating the previous biggest win by $12,000.

Winning Big with Brave Viking

What better game to smash records with than Brave Viking. Teaming up with these famous raiders, the lucky player managed to make off with a huge $275,375.85 (69.19 BTC) payday. Brave Viking might not be one of the newest slots around, but it’s packed with 5 reels, 9 paylines, free spins, and – as you can see – a huge amount of cash.

Hunting Slot Monsters in Slotomon Go

Not content with hanging out with Vikings, the player then went on to catch the slot monsters residing in Slotomon Go Slot. Don’t say we didn’t give you a heads up, the wins in Slotomon Go are colossal, and this lucky player cracked the combination and took home a huge win here too. Bagging a cool $154,145.21 (38.73 BTC) in a single spin, this player was showing his skills at landing big wins across a variety of genres. Slotomon Go is definitely a fun slot, designed to bring out the action and wild payouts.

Firing to Victory in Fire Lightning

Late last week, the player in question had a run of wins that helped him to go from Level 1 to Level 40 in El Dorado Quest quicker than we have ever seen before. Helping him on his way was a massive $252,713.03 (64.20 BTC) win on Fire Lightning Slot – the second largest win ever here at BitStarz at that time. However, his massive $275k win on Brave Viking pushed this win down into third place – still not a bad position to be in.

Supercharged wins on Platinum Lightning Deluxe

On top of the huge Fire Lightning win, this lucky player scooped an additional $160,000 (43 BTC) on Platinum Lightning Deluxe Slot. This win capped off his incredible week of wins here at BitStarz, bringing his total to a cool $845,000. To put that into perspective, only Mega Moolah will give you the ability to win more money in a single spin. If $845,000 isn’t a life-changing pot of cash, then we don’t know what is!

February has been packed full of big winners, as a player won over $350k on Jade Valley and Lightning Roulette just last week. With a few days left in February, we could see the total wins for the month climb even higher. The slots are definitely on fire and are paying out the big bucks, so now is the time to spin and win!