Escape Hellcatraz slot for the Biggest Wins of Your Life!

Alcatraz is THE most notorious prison in the world. Home to some of America’s most dangerous criminals, this island prison has become immortalized all around the world. So, what better theme for an epic retro slot than by diving into an 8bit version of Alcatraz!

Get ready to escape the island as you take on some death-defying stunts, all in the name of big wins. It’s time for Hellcatraz slot!

Escape Alcatraz With Fat Stacks of Cash!

Several people tried to escape the island prison over the years and most drowned in the shark-infested waters between the island and mainland San Francisco. But, if you can make the swim and avoid being eaten by sharks, you can score some pretty huge wins. As you spin the reels, cells with numbers in will decrease in value with the more cascades you get, eventually unlocking a random symbol that fills all those spaces, resulting in a mega win!

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There are plenty of wilds and the cascading play feature gives you the power to rack up some sizable wins from every spin. You can opt to play on high volatility or very high volatility, giving the game an RTP of 96.46%. To top it off, the max win is worth a cool €259,200, which is a multiplier of 51,840x – now that’s huge!

Free Spins are Your Best Escape Route!

If you’re going to escape Alcatraz, you’re going to need some free spins to help you make it. Every time you land a winning combo with symbols, you’ll be given up to 10 keys. You need 2,000 keys to unlock your cell and enter free spins mode, but you can opt to buy more keys or buy 2,000 keys – it’s up to you.

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In free spins mode, jail cells are primed and ready to explode on virtually every single spin. This cranks up your big win potential and can mean that buying those keys really does pay off. The wild policemen are on hand to make sure you can escape with a good pile of cash, which is a nice take on police for a change!

A Crazy Good Retro Experience

The retro gaming style plays out perfectly in Hellcatraz, and we love the classic slot sounds that accompany this quirky design. It’s a bold choice, but Relax Gaming has pulled it off and created a masterpiece!