Sleazy Matadors Are Being Hunted as Wild Toro 2 Slot Roams Free

You can find running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, on a lot of peoples bucket list. No matter the risk, we all know there are people dumb enough to put their lives on the line to impress friends or even more classic, a girl. As long as it’s posted on social media, you can become an instant celebrity even after being gored in the booty and trampled by a bull. Crazy!

Knowing there are two sides of every coin, becoming the champ of the Wild Toro 2 slot won’t necessarily make you social media famous. However, you get to keep all of your limbs intact and you can make a whole bunch of cash doing so.

Features like Expanding Reels, Walking Wilds, Multiplier Respins and the Toro Goes Berserk will have you at the edge of your seat while you wait for the cash roll in. Are you ready to let the wild bull lose on the streets, close our eyes and let Jesus take the wheel? We are!

It’s Finally Here

If you recall, this is not the first time we have encountered the flaring nostrils of this wild beast. ELK Studios first introduced him to the casino world in the wildly popular Wild Toro slot. We have been waiting for the sequel and it’s finally here!

Traveling to Spain, you can always count on sleazy looking matadors and at least one flamenco-loving Maria. Today’s wild ride takes place across 5 reels with 259 paylines. While the rose symbol holds the highest value, we think Mr Toro deserves his own cartoon. This is one badass looking bull!


Play Now

Besides cool features, the Wild Toro 2 slot also brings high volatility and a 95.00% RTP to the table. For players that are looking to hunt down the €200,000 max win, simply pair the €20 bet limit with a 10,000x multiplier and you will be good to go!

Watch Out for the Toro Goes Berserk

When it comes to matadors, we share the same pure hate for them as the bulls do. When a matador shows up on the reels at the same time as the bull, watch out. This will kick-start the Toro Goes Berserk feature and the bull will charge and knock all matadors off the reels, As a result, he will leave a trail of wilds.

All this while you sit back and count the money? Get off the reels, matador!

Matador Respins

You will meet two types of matadors, one silver and one gold. When they are on the reels, the Matador Respin feature is triggered and the symbol will move one step to the left with each respin.

Matador Knockout

The bull hates all matadors but especially the gold ones. If he can manage to chase one down, the bull will absorb the multipliers and transform into a Walking Multiplier Wild. This is known as the Matador Knockout feature in which the bulls multiplier will increase as he moves left.

Expanding Reels

We know we sprinkle some hate on top of the matadors but they can actually be very beneficial. Every time one is on display, the Expanding Reels feature is activated and an extra row will be added.

Increasing the paylines is very effective as you can understand and if you can grow the grid all the way up to 8 rows, you will be playing with 502 paylines instead of the original 259.

As Wild as Expected

Wow, it’s impossible not to respect the wild and mighty toro. Even more so after witnessing him in full blown action in Wild Toro 2 slot. The game is as wild as expected and the sequel is even better than the original, just the way it should be.

You need to take a swing at these reels and find out what El Toro has in store for you!