Go Fishing for Wins in Mega Greatest Catch Slot

Go Fishing for Wins in Mega Greatest Catch Slot

Yes, Evoplay has released the third title of its Greatest Catch fishing-themed slot series in less than six months.

The first, The Greatest Catch, was launched in April 2022. It was a solid feature-filled slot that I really enjoyed. The second was virtually the same slot with a bonus buy option, giving us the rather inventive name The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy. Now in September, we get the next addition to the series Mega Greatest Catch slot, which sounds a little ridiculous. So, what’s different about it?

Are you ready to reel in the big one?

I know fishing is supposed to be relaxing but if you haven’t reeled in something noteworthy by the time you pack up to head home you’re going to feel a little cheated. So, is there a river full of bonus features available in Mega Greatest Catch slot?


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Well, if you’re looking at the base game you’d definitely think this river has been all fished out. There’s just nothing to note. The action does, however, pick up when you grab three or more scatter symbols to unlock a round of up to 20 free spins in deeper waters.

Once you’ve triggered a round of free spins, a set of buoys will appear above the reels with each buoy being activated when a wild appears on the reel. Every fourth buoy that is activated will award ten extra spins and increase the global multiplier.


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In addition to the wild symbol, you’ll also notice the fish symbols on the reels. If the fish symbols and a wild symbol appear on the same spin, the fisherman wild will reel in all the fish and their displayed value. If a wild pops up on the reels without a fish in sight, three to six sticks of dynamite will be tossed onto the reels with the resulting explosions transforming any symbol into fish symbols.

Is Mega Greatest Catch slot worth a trip out to the lake?

The simple answer is no, it’s not. Mega Greatest Catch slot was designed by Evoplay to be a carbon copy of The Greatest Catch with the added benefit of a much larger jackpot. The problem is that the version that was released on BitStarz has a limited max win of €300,000, the exact same max win amount as The Greatest Catch.

Both slots have the same medium to high volatility, the same 10,000x max multiplier, and the same €30 max bet. The only difference is that Mega Greatest Catch slot has a slightly worse RTP rating of 96.03% as opposed to The Greatest Catch which has an RTP of 96.09%. So, my advice would be to skip Mega Greatest Catch slot and just play The Greatest Catch for the slightly better RTP percentage. Alternatively, if you’re not keen on waiting around for bonus features, then The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy is probably the best choice for you.

If you’re looking for a few Evoplay slots that are worth the trouble, I recommend giving Bomb Squad and Forgotten Fable a try. Bomb Squad in particular is like nothing else you have ever tried before.