Loot the royal coffers and live like a king in Goblin Heist slot from Pragmatic Play

Goblin Heist Powernudge slot review

Layer Cake, The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, Ocean’s Eleven, and Baby Driver are all great heist movies. They all feature smart, witty, and likable thieves that you can’t but root for. Well, it’s time to experience your very own heist story, and this time, we’re going medieval!

Team up with a mischievous band of little green bandits in Goblin Heist Powernudge slot from Pragmatic Play for a shot at looting the €400,000 max win

Is it Groundhog Day?

The goblin characters from Goblin Heist Powernudge slot remind me of a unit from a PC strategy game I used to play. These goblins were strapped with explosives and blew themselves up once impacting an enemy unit or building. As I remember, they were fun to use but offered little for an effective attack. This seems to be a bad omen for Goblin Heist Powernudge slot.

Play for up to €400,000 in Goblin Heist from Pragmatic Play.

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I’m not saying Goblin Heist Powernudge slot doesn’t look great. It didn’t blow me away, but it was well executed with some impressive graphics. The problem is that it feels like I’ve seen this game before. The characters and setting just look way too familiar. There are several games that have a very similar look at feel to Goblin Heist Powernudge slot and none of them are particularly memorable. Here’s hoping the bonus features do a tad more to stand out.

Cue the Mission impossible Music

You’ve got your crew, the plan is set, and now it’s time to pull off the heist of the century!

The Powernudge feature is the slot’s most prominent, which is probably why it’s in the title. It’s relatively straightforward too. Following every winning spin, the reels that included at least one winning symbol are nudged down one space, and the reels that did not are respun. This process continues to occur until there are no new winning combinations.

If you’re hoping to chase down that €400,000 max win, however, you’re going to need to grab six or more golden lion scatter symbols to unlock the slot’s Money Respin Feature.

Unlock the Money Money Respin Feature in Goblin Heist slot from Pragmatic Play.

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During the Money Respin Feature, all the symbols on the reels will be replaced with either blank spaces or golden lion scatter symbols. The reels will continue to spin until no golden lion scatter symbols appear. The last important element to note for this feature is the multipliers at the top of the reels.

Once the feature is triggered, the reels will spin. If you get a golden scatter symbol, it transforms into a cash prize that will be multiplied by the multiplier featured above the reel, or a multiplier that will increase the multipliers above the reel for a bigger win.

Is Goblin Heist Powernudge slot malicious or marvelous?

The Goblin Heist Powernudge slot’s title feature is a great way to keep you playing. It offers constant action and begs you to play just a few more spins. It is, however, hamstrung by a pretty generic theme and forgettable graphics.

Although the €400,000 max win seems enticing, you’ll have to bet at €100 a spin to be eligible to win that amount, which is a very large single-spin bet amount. And although the 96.57% RTP rating is a welcome reprieve, it’s not helped with high volatility that will see you waiting longer than you’d like between wins.

If you’re looking to continue to loot riches, I recommend giving 60 Second Heist and Diamond Heist: Hold & Win a try.