Reel in the green with Ogre Empire slot!

No, it’s not Shrek. But this big, friendly-looking monster from our Ogre Empire slot does bear a striking resemblance to the beloved Ogre from the animated movies. We’re guessing it might be the tusks and the green skin. He probably gets mistaken for Shrek all the time while out and about doing his weekly grocery shopping or just hanging out with his Ogre friends.

Well, he no longer needs to live in Shrek’s shadow! Betsoft Games has given him a very important role in this extremely fun and hilariously over-the-top themed slot. Let’s see if we can help this friendly Ogre to establish his own superstar identity and pocket bags of golden Ogre coins while we’re at it!

Daytime is Ogre Playtime

Ogre Empire is played with two modes, Day Mode and Night Mode. Let’s have a look at each mode separately, as both have unique features on offer.

The Ogre tends to go to sleep during night mode so it’s best to make use of his features before it gets dark. Our symbols look like items you’d find lying around in the Ogre’s home. Wooden clubs with spikes on them for smashing things – this Ogre loves to smash but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Bright red mushrooms with white spots are poisonous to humans but Ogre’s love them. Stone blocks with Royal Values A, K, Q, and J carved into them as regular playing cards are too small for these green giants.


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Higher-paying symbols include a big bright diamond, a bowl of gems and Ogre’s Facebook profile picture. The Wild symbol is referred to as the Wild Flower. This symbol appears during both the day and night modes. During the day, the Wild Flower can grow onto other symbols, and create an additional three Wild symbols!

Now we get to Ogre’s favorite activity. Smashing! During Day Mode Ogre can pick up his gigantic wooden club and smash the reels in a fit of rage and frustration. Ogre’s have short tempers and don’t mess around. When this happens, the stone symbols are crushed and new symbols cascade down to fill the spaces. This creates more winning combinations.

Ogre loves to smash the reels, look out for the smug expression on his face once he’s done.

Better hope he doesn’t ogre-sleep and miss the action

When you are playing Day Mode and the moon symbol falls on the reels covering three positions with the image fully visible, then Night Mode kicks in. When this happens, Ogre goes to sleep and there’s no waking him until the sunrise symbol falls on the reels in its entirety. But when the Ogre is asleep, the townsfolk come out to play.


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All the royal value symbols will transform into actual royalty! The king and queen pop out from behind their windows and the joker from the Ace symbol. All come alive and open their windows to enjoy the cool evening breeze! These symbols all pay much higher at night, and the Joker becomes a 2x multiplying Wild symbol on reels 2, 3, and 4.

The Wild Flower symbol has a Night Bloom feature when the moon is out and will glow in bright shades of pink and blue. At night, this flower can expand anywhere on the reels and can turn up to three random symbols into Wild symbols/

This magical flower comes in very handy when you’re in pursuit of the €59,600 max win. Once the sun symbol rises on the reels and displayed over three positions Ogre will wake up and the smashing continues.

An Ogre-dose of fun!

This hilarious slot will have you thoroughly entertained while playing your way through the modes and unique features on offer. The 95.23% RTP is far from medi-ogre and will see winnings come your way frequently combined with the medium volatility in this slot as you’ll be smashing through with fairly high payouts.

Make a turn at Ogre Empire slot for an ogre-whelmingly fun experience that you’ll never forget!