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We heard along the grapevine that you’re all looking to maximize your payouts to release the riches at BitStarz, so we’re going to let you in on a little secret. One of the most effective ways to grab those epic wins is to take advantage of features such as slot multipliers, and finding the right multiplier slot machines for next level wins.

Online slots can be somewhat confusing at times as games keep evolving with new payouts and winning possibilities. Fortunately, your go-to gurus at BitStarz are here to guide you through the slot multiplier maze and show you how to use a multiplier reel, and where to find some of the gnarliest slot games featuring multiplier bonuses.

Let’s not jump the gun, the beginning is a good place to start.

What are multipliers?

Slot multipliers are bonus features that increase a payout by multiplying the win with a specified amount (the multiplier). Multipliers are essentially payout boosters which, of course, appeal to any and all types of slot machine player, as they can result in SUPER MASSIVE PAYOUTS!

A slot machine multiplier is simple to understand and the explosive effect it can have on your winnings will blow your mind. If you haven’t experienced these epic rewards before, then it’s time to start playing multiplier slot machines online today – and there’s no better place than BitStarz.


To break it down, a slot multiplier carries a predetermined number by which your winnings for a single combination, or the total payout at the end of a bonus game, will be multiplied. Multipliers will generally be rewarded as part of a bonus feature, with a specific winning combination, or by playing above or equal to a bet value specified in the game rules depending on the slot machine type.

How do multipliers work?

Now you know what multipliers are but you may be asking yourself the question “How many lines should I play on a slot machine to trigger multipliers and how do I maximize my winnings?”

Let’s have a look at how to use a multiplier.

Say you were to land a winning combo on the reels that awards a payout of you €5. If your winning combo included a multiplier of say 5x, it would mean that your payout would be calculated as €5 x 5, resulting in a total win of €25.

The video below shows an example of a multiplier unlocked through a feature in Immortal Fruits slot. Notice how the multiplier meter on the right increases as the player spins the bonus wheel, and how the total win is multiplied at the end of the bonus feature for an extraordinary payout.

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The feature was triggered by slot machine symbols called Scatters, which lined up in the correct position on the reels to unlock the feature. The total bet was multiplied at the end of the feature, resulting in the MEGA payout awarded to the player. If you stumble upon the right slot multiplier, it could be a life-changing event. Don’t believe it? Just ask these lucky BitStarz players!

Smaller multipliers range between 2x to 10x, but on your journey through the incredible slot menu at BitStarz you’ll come across many multipliers that go way beyond that. Some multiplier slot machines have unbelievable multipliers of 1,000x all the way up to 20,000x, 25,000x and sometimes much, much more.

The Different Types of Slot Multipliers

Just like other slot features, there’s a variety of different multipliers found on various gambling machine types. Some are easy to trigger and sometimes appear as frequent symbols on the reels such as those in Mega Money Multiplier slot. Bigger multipliers tend to be slightly more difficult to unlock but the rewards will have you singing the song of riches.


They say nothing good in life comes easy, but landing a major multiplier could happen very unexpectedly and much quicker than you may think. All it takes is one lucky spin that could set the reels on fire with a blazing payout, just like what happened to this big winner at BitStarz.

Let’s move on and have a look at different multiplier possibilities.

Base Game Multipliers

Slot multipliers in base games are quite common and easily obtainable. They may not always see you landing jackpots or max wins, but they’ll keep you in the game until you do. The payout would depend on the size of your stake and in some cases your bet needs to be at a certain level to qualify when playing certain multiplier slot machines.

Wild Multipliers

Landing Wild slot machine symbols on the reels not only help to secure a win but sometimes a Wild symbol substituting in a winning combination could also multiply the payout if the Wild acts as a slot multiplier as well.


When playing a slot with Wild symbols, check the paytable to see if the Wild symbol acts as a multiplier or displays a multiplier icon, as multi-functional Wild symbols are the bee’s knees. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slot has a perfect example of Multiplier Wilds.

Free Spins Multipliers

These multipliers can only be triggered during your free spins and since triggering the bonus round could be challenging enough, the free spin multiplier is usually much bigger than in a base game. You could see yourself bagging monster wins during free spins if they include multiplier bonuses. The video below shows a BitStarz player snatching a sensational 10,254x multiplier during free games in Cubes slot.

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These amazing features in multiplier slot machines prove that even with a small stake, the combination of free spins and slot multipliers can lead to enormous payouts, like the €1 bet in the video above turning into pure magic.

Scatter Multipliers

This type of slot multiplier doesn’t even need to be a part of a winning combo to showcase its power. Like a rebellious teenager, a scatter multiplier tends to live by its own rules. It can land anywhere on the reels and still have a mind-blowing effect on your total win.

Check Out These BitStarz Games for Multipliers in Action!

As common as slot multipliers are, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all slots will offer this feature. But the ones that do tend to be very popular, and BitStarz is the multiplier mecca.


Here are some examples of multiplier slot machines at BitStarz. As you can see, they come in many different sizes. Have a crack at a few of these and you’ll be a multiplier master in no time.

Start multiplying your wins at BitStarz today!

You are enlightened. Now go multiply your winnings and soar to extraordinary new heights with our vast array of money-maker slot games at BitStarz. Dream big, win BIGGER today!