Battle your Way to Wins in New Warrior Ways slot

While steampunk is a nostalgic fixation with old tech, cyberpunk is an obsessive focus on the future and bleeding-edge tech. Basically, it’s your dad’s somehow still functioning Nokia 3310 versus your iPhone 13 with a cracked screen.

Grab your coolest glasses, throw on your illuminated biker jacket and step into a cyberpunk future of Warrior Ways slot from Hacksaw Gaming.

Time-traveling cyberpunk samurai

When the first trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 came out, it was clear that there was an appetite for a heavily stylized cyberpunk aesthetic fused with a Japanese anime styling. Although the release was a catastrophic failure, its influence on the cultural zeitgeist was already cemented. And whenever that happens, there is sure to be the release of a slot game not far behind. I mean, think about how quickly Squid Slot was released after the popularity of the Squid Game series exploded.

Enter Warrior Ways slot from Hacksaw Gaming. The slot’s Cyberpunk 2077 influence is not immediately apparent. Unlike the aforementioned Squid Slot, Warrior Ways slot isn’t so much a carbon copy as a homage to the original. The background and logo are quite clearly heavily influenced by Cyberpunk 207, but the slot leans more heavily into a traditional Japanese aesthetic over a more anime-inspired look.


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So, what is the bottom line here? Well, the slot looks fucking great! I would have liked a little more animation infused into the background and into the reels themselves, but I’m nitpicking. It really is an incredible-looking slot, and the logo especially is extremely well executed.

Discover the art of warrior’s way to win

Forget about the stock-standard slot bonus features. Hacksaw Gaming was really not interested in following conventions when they were creating Warrior Ways slot.

The first thing you have to know is that the slot features four clans: Red, Blue, Green, and Orange. Each clan is represented by one low-paying symbol, which features the clan’s coat of arms, and one high-paying symbol, which features the clan’s champion.

During base gameplay, the appearance of the versus symbol between two champions from opposing clans will trigger the duel feature. The two champions will then battle with the symbols of the losing clan being transformed into those of the winning clan. Any subsequent winning combination will receive an up to 100x multiplier.


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And that’s only the start of a warrior’s ways to win in Warrior Ways slot. The slot has two bonus rounds: Clash and Conquest, each triggered with the appearance of three or more of the associated bonus symbols.

The Clash feature is split into two phases. During the Collect phase, the reels will only feature dead symbols, Versus symbols, and clan multipliers. Like a Hold & Win feature, you’ll have three spins to grab either a Versus or clan multiplier symbol. If you go three spins without either symbol type appearing, you’ll move on to the next phase.

During the Clash phase, you’ll get a guaranteed Duel on every spin, with the number of spins being determined by the number of Versus symbols you collected during the Collect phase. The multiplier for each Duel will be determined by how many clan multipliers you collected for the winning clan’s hero. Once your Duel spins have been exhausted, your wins will be tallied.

The Conquest feature is a variation of a standard free spins feature. Once triggered, you will receive ten free spins, with each Conquest symbol that appears while the feature is active adding an additional free spin.

Each Duel that occurs during the Conquest feature will see the banner of the losing champion damaged. If the banner is damaged twice, that clan will be defeated, and both its high and low-paying symbols will be removed from the reels. The more symbols you remove, the higher your chance of winning big on every spin will be.

Is Warrior Ways slot victorious or vanquished?

As a huge fan of Cyberpunk 2077, despite its catastrophic debut, Warrior Ways slot from Hacksaw Gaming really appealed to me. However, the slot is more than just its aesthetic. The selection of bonus features it offers is unique and really brings something new to the table. The features aren’t revolutionary, they’re just unique, and that’s not something you see very often in the slot world.

Now to the nitty-gritty. The slot is weighed down a bit by high volatility. This means that you’ll be waiting a little longer than you’d like between big wins. However, with a 96.33% RTP rating, you should be able to mitigate losses as long as you have the budget to keep playing. Plus, with a €250,000 max win up for grabs, there really is every reason to keep playing.

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