Starburst is the all-time classic slot you need to play!

An ice-cold beer on a balmy summer’s day. That cheeky smile from the girl across the bar. Freshly baked bread. It’s the simple things in life that often bring about the most pleasure and satisfaction, and there are few things simpler than Starburst slot.

This is a game that eschews all of the trappings and “whoo-hoo look at me” attention-grabbing strategies employed by games, to bring you probably the most fundamental slot game ever. While it’s a strategy that’s clearly paid off – Starburst has been noted as the “most-played online slots game of all time” – will it appeal to everyone? Read the rest of this Starburst slot review to below find out.


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No frills, no thrills?

Starburst is packed reel-to-reel with features, such as bonus games, but it has a trick up its sleeve – the special Wilds. When one lands on a reel, the reel freezes and the Wild expands to take over. After your payout, you’ll get a free spin and the Wild stays put – so in essence you can win twice with all of the Wild reels. Hit another Wild afterwards and the whole process starts again. A particularly nice touch, we felt, was that the Wilds are made up of all of the gemstone colors.

Unlike a lot of other top slots, the paylines in Starburst win both ways so you can win both ways. In other words, you could win combos that start in either the first or fifth reel. More chances to win are always welcome but bear in mind that with this game, you can only win once per payline.

One of the few features Starburst can crow about is the versatility of the betting which ranges from €0.10 to €50. You can also set the amount per spin via coin value, number of lines and level, for absolute control.


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Getting back to basics

The graphics for Starburst feel really basic and even look somewhat pixelated, but that’s all part of the charm. Adorning the reels, you’ll find diamonds and other stones, the number 7, BAR symbols and of course, the starburst. On the left-hand side is a column with random numbers; this will show you the payline combinations, of which there are ten.

While there’s certainly not much flash to this game, it is true that it’s easy to understand and play. Some slot games have more complications than a teenage girl’s love life, so it is refreshing to simply choose your bet and let the gods decide your fate. We’d imagine that Starburst would do well with newbies and old school gamblers who want no mess and no fuss.


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Starburst features plenty of Space Cash!

Starburst slot is easy to play, simple to use and not exactly taxing on the mind, and there is a certain charm to it, but it’s kinda like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. If you’re a player who is a bit risk-averse (Starburst has an RTP of 96.1% and low volatility) and you’re looking for a game you can spend a few hours on, then give it a try.

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