Strut your stuff as a seasoned spinner with our Online Slot Tips!

Knowledge is power, right? Well, we’re here to spill all the secrets to having success with online slots. Whether you’re new to the slot scene, or already spinning your way to whopping wins, our online slot tips can help anyone rule the reels and strut their stuff as seasoned spinners.

With thousands of captivating online slot games, there’s no better place to test out your newly found online slots knowledge than at BitStarz – the home of endless entertainment, millionaire makers, and world-class slot machine tips and tricks.

With these online slot tips and tricks you’ll be ready to hit the reels, and see the returns in no time. Let’s get started…

Start off with a slot machine strategy

Our online slots have all been created by masters in the industry and have such enthralling storylines that any player can instantly get swept up in the magic of the slot game they’re playing. But the best thing is for you to be in constant control of your own gameplay, and this is done by going into your next slot game with a fool-proof strategy. Here we’ll cover the slot machine strategy tips that are proven to work!

The most important strategy in this list of online slot machine tips is to pin down your bankroll strategy. After you’ve picked the awesome slot you want to play, you’ll need to decide, based on your bankroll, how long you want to play the slot for. To ensure you stick to your bankroll strategy and play a slot for the amount of time you desire, you must work out how long your bankroll will last and adjust the bet level on the slot accordingly.

For instance, slot players on average spin 5 reels per minute, and on this basis, if you’ve got €500 to spend and you want to play slots for 3 hours, your bet level will likely need to be set at around €0.55. If you’re a quicker player, you’ll need to reduce the bet level here for your bankroll strategy to see you through for your desired playing duration – these are key casino slot tips to remember.

The next of the slot tips involves a strategy about your winnings. We recommend keeping your winnings separate from your bankroll and you can do this one of two ways. You can go the digital route and flex your tech-savvy muscles by keeping your withdrawals page open on another tab, processing a withdrawal after every win. Or, you can go old-school and put pen to paper and keep a record of your winnings.

The reason slot players keep their winnings separate from their bankroll is so their bankroll strategy does not get compromised – we need to keep our head in the game at all times… don’t let those showering coins throw you off course.


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These slot machine tips and strategies will have you heading into your next slot game with a business-like skill and a winner’s mindset – get ready to outwit and outlast the slots with these strategy-driven casino slot playing tips!

Put RTP and volatility on the radar

Are you enjoying our casino tips and tricks slots fans? Our next one is a whopper. Wondering how much you can win in a slot, or how often a win comes around? These are the burning questions… and you know it, we got the answers.

The next batch of online slot tips to take on board is understanding and using RTP and volatility levels to your advantage – because these often-misunderstood characters are crucial to your gameplay and are the reasons slot games work the way they do. So let’s embrace them and show them some love.

Together, the RTP and volatility of a game can make or break your slot strategies, so it is super important to know exactly what these guys do before choosing your perfect slot. Stay tuned because slot machine tips to win awesome amounts are hiding in this section.

RTP stands for Return to Player, and is essentially the percentage of money a player can expect to see back when playing a specific slot. All slot games come with their own established RTPs and the figures are calculated by the average amount of money returned to a player over hundreds of thousands of spins.

A slot’s RTP can range anywhere from 10% to 99.99% and everything in-between. A crucial slot machine tip to know and remember is that the higher the RTP is, the more money a player can expect to see back – ka-ching. The RTP can change as your bet level does, so for instance, when playing on Max Bet the RTP can stand pretty strong, but if you play with a single coin on a single payline, the RTP amount could drop. Mega Joker slot from NetEnt is one of BitStarz highest RTP slots and has an RTP of 99% when played on Max Bet.

Now that you’re becoming a slot game guru, the next stage of your superstar slot training dives into volatility slot tips. Volatility determines how often and how much a slot machine is likely to payout. Low volatility slots are known to pay out more frequently, but with lesser amounts, while high volatility slots pay out less frequently, but with considerably juicier wins. Many slot games come with a medium volatility, which is what most enthusiastic players find to be the sweet spot.

Some slots put the power in your hands when it comes to volatility levels – reign over your game, baby! Slots that have a volatility toggle allow players to choose their desired volatility level. What’s great about volatility toggles, is that players can play the game they want, how they want… they’ve got all the power.

There you have it, RTPs and volatilities are now under your belt and we can’t wait to see where these two online slot tips take you.

Wow the reels with a Welcome Bonus

Other slot machine tips that will help you get more bang for your buck involves using the dynamic and delicious BitStarz Welcome Bonus on slot games. Whenever you sign up at an online casino you’ll be spoilt with some form of a welcome bonus – and if you aren’t then run. Run to BitStarz because we will have you feeling like a slot machine pro from day numero uno with our 500 EUR/ 5 BTC and 200 free spins Welcome Bonus.

If you’re planning to play slots here and anywhere, then taking the Welcome Bonus is the best thing you can do and one of our top slot tips, because who doesn’t love freebies, especially those that could win you mega moolah. With our Welcome Bonus you’ll get an extra €500 to spend on your favorite slots and a whopping 200 free spins to use to your advantage. Be sure to take these stellar slot machines tips with you on your next slot trip.


The only time to hang onto your Welcome Bonus is if you’re looking to place high value bets on each slot spin, or if you’re looking to play table games, because the Max Bet with the bonus cash is capped at €5, so doubling down in blackjack or going big with slots won’t be possible – remember this when thinking back on our slot machine tips for winning big.

If you want to dabble in table games and place big bets in slots, the slot tip we recommend is to play through your bonus money on slots first, and enjoy the ride because it could be wild and wonderful. Once you’ve done this, carry on playing the games you want, how you want, with the winnings accumulated from your Welcome Bonus.

When it comes to whether or not to take the Welcome Bonus, taking it is definitely one of our slot machine winning tips for you!

A tip for the free spin fanatics

Are you ready for more casino tips slots players? Hearing the drill go off when a free spins round is triggered is like music is our ears, and one of the most satisfying sounds for any casino player, after the ‘you’ve won the jackpot’ bells of course. The question on many of your lips is if there is a way to trigger free spins more often… our next batch of online slot tips will show you where to go for more free spins – yes please!

Free spins from slot games are given at completely random times, so if you’re prepared to put your luck on the line and wait until you land free spins in the game you’re playing, then that’s the answer. If you choose this path, then our slot tips and tricks will tell you that the way to go is to find low volatility games with higher RTPs to play, because in theory, they hand out more frequent free spins rounds.

If you’re more of a ‘I want it now’ type then the go-to slot machine tips you’re looking for lies in the Buy Bonus features.

BitStarz has a bunch of kickass Buy Bonus games, and these can be found on the Home Page under a glowing category of their own. Buy Bonus features allow you to do just that, buy a bonus to use whenever you want – making your free spins dreams come true. Buy a bonus by choosing the bet level you wish to play at, make sure the amount it costs is within your budget, hit the buy button and voila. This is your best bet when it comes to casino slot machine tips to land more free spin rounds.

Using these slot tips will have free spins pouring onto your reels at the click of a button, but be aware that there is never a winning guarantee… you could spend big bucks on bonuses and not see the same in return, you’ll just have to have lady luck on your side, like in every facet of playing and winning at a casino. Hmm, lady luck – that’s another slot tip to keep in mind.

Slot machine tricks for Risk Games

Well players, now you’ve got us biting our tongue because the only slots machine tricks when it comes to Risk Games, are your own. So if you’re a wizard then we’d suggest placing a ‘make me win every time’ spell on the Risk Games. Jokes aside, engaging double-up games are completely your choice. The results of these games are always random, and we have no way to get around that unfortunately. The only casino slot tips we can put forward in this regard is to go with your gut, but remember, winners know when to stop. It might not always be worth it to risk it for a biscuit, even a life-changing one.

Trust us, we know the ‘what ifs’ all too well… what if I let it ride one more spin? What if I try the gamble feature? What if I play 10 spins at €50 a spin? The answer? Nobody knows it and we unfortunately don’t have slots machine tricks for this one.

If you’re curious about Risk Games, try them out on lower win amounts, because with little to lose, the blow is easier to swallow. Gambling a big win however, eek… that will have to be a choice you make for yourself – we’re gonna stay out of it.

Become a millionaire in a spin

Our online slot tips can make you a millionaire, because it is true that slots can pay out monumental wins – you’ll just have to play the right games and put the right wagers down. For the average player, it is pretty much impossible to win millions on slot machines, until you hit the jackpot slot scene, that is.


Our slot machine tips to winning millions on slots will have you looking at jackpot slots very differently. Here at BitStarz, we have a whole category dedicated to jackpot slots. We’ve seen jackpot games close in on up to €20 million in prize money before, so if you have big dreams then BitStarz jackpot games are the place to go for big wins. And how these slot tips work…

The difference between placing a low bet on slots versus jackpot slots is the amount of money you can win. For example, if you’re playing a slot with a bet value of €0.55 per spin and the max multiplier is 5,000x, then the most you can win is €2,750. With jackpot slots, take Mega Moolah for instance, playing at a bet level of €0.55 per spin can still unlock a world of million-euro wins!

Some slot machine tips for jackpot players involve making sure you play a jackpot slot that has a high jackpot amount to hit, because after jackpots are won, the slots linked to them will often reset the value to a much lower amount than that which was won.

If you’re not keen on jackpot slots, you can still win really huge amounts on slots, but we’re talking to the high-rollers here. You’ll need to bet €50 per spin, however. These slot machine tips and hints can have you seeing dollar signs in no time!

Here’s the best tip to take it to the slots today

Cue more fantastic video slots machines tips straight from BitStarz. If you’re dreaming of walking away from your slot experience with a pretty profit then you’ll need luck on your side, and you’ll need to follow our slot machine strategies and tips. There is no foolproof way to pull off win after win with slots, but there is one thing that can amp up your chances of winning – bonuses, bonuses, and more bonuses.


As you can see, slot machine tips at casinos come in many forms, but bonuses have to be the top tip to use in our opinion. Bonuses are pretty much free money and these beneficial dudes are here to have you winning pure profit. Sure, the wager requirement on the winnings from bonuses can be a little high, but it’s not impossible to clear the requirements. We’ve seen players smash through the wager requirements very quickly and win loads of loot – maybe they used our online slot tips too.

Every week at BitStarz is a bonus fiesta, because we give players free spin drops and reload bonuses for you to use to slay the slots and reel in riches. With us you can get up to 200 free spins weekly, as well as up to €300. These ought to send you well on your way to making pure profits, players – now here’s another one of our top slot tips.

So there you have it, the utmost best slot machine tips to winning at casinos is to be bold with bonuses.

Do you have what it takes to slay the slots?

Slot machine tips are there to help you put your best foot forward when it comes to spinning the reels to riches – and you can trust that our slot machine tips to winning awesome amounts are the best in town!

Players can take our slot tips far and wide, whether it be right back to BitStarz or to the gold-paved streets of Vegas because no matter where you are, you’re now ready to unleash your magic knowledge onto the slots.

From RTPs and volatility to jackpot slots and the advantages of bonuses and buy bonus features, we’re glad to have taken you on our gambling slot tips and tricks journey. Let’s see what you’ve got players, there are millions to be made.