5 Biggest Multiplier Wins from January

While it’s always great to score a massive win, in the absence of those rare occurrences, huge multipliers that turn tiny bets into big wins are a pretty great substitute. Although a $0.01 bet isn’t going to make you a millionaire, it can put a few thousand dollars in your pocket for that lifetime supply of Wrigley’s Doublemint gum or a round of drinks on you after you sink that hole in one.

January was a month filled with tiny bets being turned into big wins at BitStarz. Below are five of the most memorable massive multipliers of the month.

19,546x on Siren’s Cove

Although it wasn’t the first big win of the year, it was the first to feature an outrageous multiplier. On 9 January, one lucky user was betting just $0.22 a spin on the mermaid-themed Siren’s Cove from High 5. Little did they know that their balance was about to get a boost, thanks to a 19,546x multiplier that transformed a $0.22 bet into a $4,280.61 win! That is the kind of return that Wall Street bankers can only dream about.

Siren’s Cove is a 20-payline slot that features free spins and super stacks. The slot has high volatility and an RTP of 96%.

110,091x on Banana Bar

As if that first massive multiplier win of the year wasn’t impressive enough, on January 14, one lucky person blew that record out of the water. Betting on Banana Bar from Gamzix, our lucky player managed to turn a $0.01 per spin bet into a $1,251.53 win thanks to an impressive 110,091x multiplier.

Banana Bar was among the first batch of games from Gamzix that we added back in 2022. The slot has medium volatility and offers an RTP of 96.02%.

39,604x on Go Wild

Gamzix returned for the month of multiplier madness on 19 January, with one lucky player scoring big on Go Wild. While a $396.04 win is far from outrageous, if you consider that this player was betting at just $0.01 a spin, the 39,604x return definitely is something to get excited about.

Go Wild was released back in 2022. The 10-payline fruit slot features respins, and that’s about it. It’s one of those going-back-to-basics-type slots. It features medium volatility and offers an RTP of 96.35%.

20,086x on Big Bamboo

Big Bamboo bonanza during a month of multiplier madness. Loving the alteration possibilities with this one. On 20 January, just a few hours after the previous massive multiplier was struck, one lucky player was betting at $0.07 a spin, which was transformed into a $1,488.02 win thanks to a 20,086x multiplier.

Another game released in 2022, Big Bamboo from Push Gaming, offers a host of bonus features, including Golden Bamboo, multiplier symbols, and free spins. The slot features high volatility and an RTP of 96.2%.

10,121x on Maya sun

Although it was the smallest multiplier of the lot, the 21 January mad multiplier did result in the biggest win of the five mentioned here. Making the brave move to bet at $3.29 a spin with less than $50 left in their account, one fortunate soul managed to hit a 10,121x multiplier on Maya Sun from 3 Oaks, resulting in a $33,275.54 win. Not a bad result, considering they would have exhausted their balance in around 15 spins.

Maya Sun from 3 Oaks was released in April 2023 and is packed with bonus features. There is a round of free spins, a bonus game, and even mystery symbols. The slot does, however, feature very high volatility and an RTP of 95.5%.

Multiplier madness at BitStarz

Massive multipliers are rare. They are very, very rare. So, if that’s why you’re interested in signing up to BitStarz, it’s likely that you’ll never manage to hit one. That being said, if you’re betting at $0.01 a spin, there’s not a lot to be lost. A movie ticket and popcorn together are about $40 these days, depending on where you are. That’s 4,000 spins at $0.01 a spin. If the average spin takes three seconds, that’s over three hours and 20 minutes of entertainment, which is 20 minutes longer than Oppenheimer. And most spins will offer more than three seconds of entertainment, especially if you manage to trigger a few bonus features.

While there are hours of entertainment to be had, signing up takes just seconds.