Discover the Lost City of Ribbit in Frogblox Slot

We all agree that despite the fairytales, kissing a frog just isn’t something anyone would want to do, right? Licking appears to be a different story, though. In 2022, the US National Parks Service had to issue a statement telling Americans to stop licking toads in an attempt to get high. I can’t decide which is worse: this or the moronic trend of eating Tide detergent pods.

Forget about getting high and take your shot at getting rich instead with a brand new frog-themed game from Elk called Frogblox slot. Frogs are better than toads anyway.

Hop into a new adventure

There are a lot of different elements that work together to make up the Frogblox slot’s gameplay. The most basic building block of the gameplay is, however, its cascading reels mechanic. When a winning combination is formed, this mechanic will remove all symbols involved in that winning combination and replace them with new symbols, giving you a chance to win again on the same spin.

The other prominent feature that actually ties into the cascading reels mechanic is the fact that spins will not feature a set number of symbols on each reel. Instead, a random number of locked and unlocked positions appear with each spin. Cascading reels will unlock more and more of each of the six-row high reels. When all positions are unlocked, the slot’s bonus round is triggered. At the beginning of each spin, however, the reels are reset.


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Then we get to the good stuff. Above the standard set of reels, the slot features a set of bonus reels on which bonus feature symbols can appear. If a frog symbol appears on the standard reels, it will activate the bonus feature symbol located directly above it.

  • Multiplier – Applies a global multiplier to any winning combination completed on the same spin on which it appears. 
  • Extra Drops – Awards a set number of base game free spins. 
  • Question Mark – Pull a 2×2 mystery symbol onto the reels, which transforms to reveal a paying symbol. 
  • Both Ways – Activate right-to-left winning combinations in addition to the standard left-to-right winning combinations. 
  • Bomb – Removes all blank symbols from the bonus feature reels. 

The slot also features a lily pad symbol that will appear on the main reel set. When it appears on the same spin as a frog, the frog symbol will activate any bonus feature symbols above it, then jump to the lily pad and activate any bonus feature symbols above this new position.

Is Frogblox slot the best new release of 2024?

The slot offers the chance to win up to $150,000. Thanks to the impressive 25,000x max multiplier, you’ll only need to be betting at $6 a spin to take a shot at the big win amount. Betting on Frogblox slot starts at just $0.20 a spin. The slot features an RTP of 94% and medium to high volatility.

Frogblox slot being the best new release of 2024 is a big claim, I know. There have been a lot of great slots already. Tarasque, Fist of Destruction, D-Day, and Foxy Hot 20 have all blown me away thus far this year. Something feels different about Frogblox slot, though. It feels like something new that I’ve never tried before. The way the two reels interact with each other and how those features are brought together visually is unique. It really had me hooked as soon as the beautiful opening sequence began. And not one single element of the slot disappoints. I give this one eleven out of ten because ten out of ten just wouldn’t be doing it justice.

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