Follow the Way of the Warrior with the Shinobi Spirit Slot

Shinobi were basically ancient Japan’s special forces. These warriors were most often samurai that were given additional training and who were willing to do things that would otherwise be considered dishonorable. There were used by all sides in Japan’s feudal wars and were often the difference between victory and defeat.

Follow the way of the warrior in Shinobi Spirit slot from Print Studios and slash your way to wins.

Are you ready for battle?

The Shinobi Spirit slot’s reels have a minimalistic design that accentuates the slot’s background, which is a stunning representation of an ancient Japanese homestead with mist rolling in.


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In the base game, multiplier bamboo symbols can appear on reels one to four. Shinobi symbols can appear stacked only on the fifth reel. If a multiplier bamboo symbol and a shinobi symbol appear on the same row, the shinobi will slice through the bamboo and the multiplier amount will be awarded.

The appearance of three or more shinobi mask scatter symbols will trigger a round of the slot’s bonus game. During the bonus game, shinobi symbols will appear on the reels with a three-life meter. With each spin, the shinobi will lose one life. If the shinobi slashes a bamboo multiplier symbol it will regain one life. Multiplier shinobi symbols can appear on the reels at once. There is also a chance that a golden shinobi will appear on the reels. Golden shinobi will act as their standard counterparts but will have three lives instead of six. When all shinobi on the reels exhaust their lives, the bonus round will be completed. All multipliers slashed by shinobi will then be added together and awarded.


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If you’re not keen on being on the front lines as battle commences, you can select to purchase a round of free spins and go straight to the victory part of the story.

Is Shinobi Spirit slot battle ready or heading for defeat?

There are far fewer ninja-themed slots available than you might think and even fewer that focus on shinobi instead. In fact, I think Shinobi Spirit slot is currently the only game available at BitStarz with a shinobi theme. Since I’ve always been a fan of the genre, the appearance of this new slot was exciting. But did it live up to my excitement? Not really, no. The graphics are more mobile-game-targeted-at-children than exciting shinobi epic. The bonus features are great, and the execution is otherwise well done, but I just wanted more.

The slot’s 20,000x max multiplier is definitely one of the slot’s standout features. Even if you’re betting at the €0.10 minimum, you can still win up to €2,000. And if you’re betting at the €20 maximum, you’ll have the chance to win up to €400,000. The slot has high to medium to high volatility, which will ensure that you’ll also be able to account for some smaller more consistent wins while you chase those rare big wins. The slot’s RTP is 96.26%.

You really can’t go wrong with Print Studios slots but if you’re keen to keep exploring, I recommend giving the hilarious Holy Hand Grenade and the cyberpunk Reapers a try.