The spirits come alive in Legend of the White Snake Lady slot!

Once, a white snake spirit used her best Tinder game to transform into human form and swipe right on a hot guy. The pair married with all their influencer friends in attendance. Her turtle spirit ex saw her Instagram posts of the wedding and followed her to the human realm to cancel her in a fit of jealousy. The social media gods took pity on the white snake spirit and clapped the turtle spirit back. And just like that, the white snake spirit got to live her #BestLife!

This frankly disturbingly prophetic 13th-century Chinese folktale is the inspiration behind Yggdrasil Gaming’s Legend of the White Snake Lady slot.

There was no Instagram in the 13th century

Yes, our telling of the classic Chinese folktale is a bit of a bastardization. The original is slightly longer and not quite as in tune with the 21st century.

The Legend of the White Snake slot is far more respectful of its source material. Yggdrasil has incorporated the characters, locations, and beauty of the centuries-old story into a visually incredible package.


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The slot’s background is a stunning moon-lit landscape. Although not completely static, it’s monotone and restrained, ensuring the symbols that inhabit the reels are the focus. Not that they need any help!

Each symbol is animated beautifully, giving life to the characters and locations of the story. Unlike many slots that hold a symbol’s animation back until you hit a winning combination, the Legend of the White Snake Lady slot has the symbols in a constant state of animation.

Where have all the bonus features gone?

So, bad news. Well, that really does depend on what attracts you to any particular slot. This rambling introduction is us struggling to explain the sheer lack of bonus features that Legend of the White Snake Lady slot offers. There aren’t any. Well, there is one.

The slot does offer a wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols to complete winning combinations. And yes, this wild symbol can lock into place and award a respin. But this only occurs on the center reel.


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Now, for such a limited wild feature to have any impact whatsoever, there has to be something else. Well, there is. Legend of the White Snake Lady slot offers both left-to-right and right-to-left wins! This is unique as most slots only offer left to right wins. It also offers significant wins for five-of-a-kind combinations with a max payout of €50,000!

Is Legend of the White Snake Lady slot blessed by the gods?

As the turtle spirit is banished back to the spirit world, we’re left asking if it’s really worth it? Is the Legend of the White Snake Lady slot’s beauty enough to overcome its comical lack of bonus features?

The answer is yes with a huge but! It’ll keep you engaged on beauty alone for a little while, BUT eventually, you’ll grow tired of the lack of substance. That’s a life lesson!

When you consider that it offers a meager RTP rating of 96.1% and high volatility, there aren’t many good reasons to keep playing this one.

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