Let the sinister show begin in Wicked Circus slot!

Players, hit the panic button because your childhood nightmares have come to life in Wicked Circus slot. This horror show is shrouded in mystery, magic, and the macabre. It’s run by a dreaded joker whose mission is to get your spine chilling with his hellish laugh.

Enter through the stage doors of this doom and gloom carnival and turn this strange spectacle into a celebration. Having the nerves for this slot could reward you with wins so big that you’ll be the one laughing… all the way to the bank. We’ll take a seat at this eerie event for a chance to win up to €30,000 anyday. Let the sinister show begin…

Drop the curtain for creepy characters

Gaming giants, Yggdrasil, have taken the idea of a classic slot and twisted it up to create something that is, well… twisted. Both sweet and scary, the contrast here is unusual, but you’ll thank them later for not going full terror on you… the blimmin joker is morbid enough.

In this circus ring you’ll find a Spinning Wheel Target, Bells, 7s, Grapes, Lemons, and Cherries. The Scatter symbol is none other than the ringleader, the uncanny Joker.

Unfortunately for us, the Joker is the guy we need to get mysterious and magical wins, so best we get used to his charming ways – even if it means sleep evades us tonight.


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Face your fears for the Jokerizer

Wicked Circus slot has one main feature, the Jokerizer Mode, and it’ll take you on one heck of a thrill ride because it’ll become activated with every single line win that is achieved. Talk about haunting, huh? We love it!

When the Jokerizer Mode is activated, all chances of winning big-top ticket wins are increased and each spin is filled with suspense.


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In the Jokerizer Mode, if you land 2 or more Scatter symbols, you’ll be given a Mystery Win, and the chance to unlock the Hold Feature. But you don’t only need to be in the Joker’s domain for this awesome prize, landing 3 or more Scatters in the base game will also conjure up a Mystery Win for you.

Mystery Wins pay out between 400 and 6,000 coins, depending on how many Jokers you’ve pinned down. Once you hit the Mystery Win, the Jokerizer Mode will deactivate.

If you’d like to unlock the Hold Feature then don’t collect your Mystery Win, rather opt to try your hand with the hold function. This feature will lock the reels with the Joker symbols in place and leave the other reels to be respun until you land as many as 5 Jokers for that big payout.

But it must be said, daring players, that each spin in the Jokerizer Mode will cost you 20 coins and Hold Spins will cost you 60 coins. If you’ve got the goods then go for it, but if you’d prefer to collect your winnings and continue playing the base game then you absolutely can.


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Go after the Joker in the deck!

We walked into this 96.5% RTP slot quivering with anticipation of what was waiting for us in this creepy carnival. And, now we’re walking out brushing our shoulders off because the features are just that amazing.

Wicked Circus slot is an excellent 3D video game that entertains and enthralls, and also comes with a low volatility – something to ease all that suspense.

Come one, come all, the strangest spectacle is in town – so step right up to everyone’s favorite online casino, BitStarz.