$452,189 MEGA WIN: Here’s Why Mega Ball Should Be On Your Radar!

If any casino game has made waves this year, it’s First Person Mega Ball. This game show is responsible for the third biggest win in BitStarz history, scooped up in February. 

Another massive win, BitStarz fourth biggest, was paid out in March… And a whopper was just won in July… worth $452,189. 

Wanna know what these 3 mega wins mean? They mean big money, honey. $1,790,986 kinda big. 

So stop whatever you’re doing – even if it involves moon missions or models in mansions – because you need to be ballin’ with Mega Ball! 

Mega Ball is mega money madness

If you’re looking for life-changing (or wife-changing) wins, then this epic Evolution game show is where you need to go. 

If you need more motivation to try your hand at breaking the bank, then all I can do is show you the sweet success enjoyed by 3 lucky players. I’d release my shark, but his ‘Out of Office’ is on. Guess he is auditioning for Shark Week. That’s my good boy.  

The first mega win scored on this game was $691,105, the second was $647,692, and the third was $452,189. It’s crazy what can happen in a year. 


It’s wild what a couple of balls can do

First Person Mega Ball is all about lottery-style balls and bingo mechanics. To win big like these ballers, you need to get as many lines on the cards as you can. 

If this sounds like Pig-Latin, then let me elaborate. The ball drawing machine, which takes center stage, contains 51 colored balls with numbers on them. Like in bingo. You’re tasked with setting your card value and buying the balls of your choice – and you can do this 200 times a round. 

From there, the host will draw balls, and if they match the ones on your card, like in a lottery, then bingo… you’re a winner. Remember, the more lines you match, the more you’ll win.


Multipliers make this game solid gold

Multipliers can make magic, so if you’re feeling lucky then expect the best. Cleanse your chakras and hold your fingers because at the end of every game round, 2 balls with random multipliers are drawn. 

The multipliers can be anywhere from 5x to 100x, and if it completes your line, then your wins will be multiplied accordingly – you can even win up to a million times your bet. A MILLION!

As with all of Evolution’s First Person games (which you’ll find in your Live Casino), First Person Mega Ball includes the ‘Go Live’ button that’ll take you into the in-game portal and into the Mega Ball studio where an immersive game show experience awaits. 


Are you ready to be Mega Ball’s next mega winner?

You’ve officially seen the potential that First Person Mega Ball has in the big win department. It’s madness, it’s magic, it’s money – and I love to see it. 

I’d also love to see more wins like this on the horizon. Can you please make that happen for me? Thank you. 

See you in the ‘studio’!