Take a Bite Out of Fruit Duel Slot

When I was young, a local arcade had a fruit slot that would give you a chance to turn one token into many. Although I always hoped I’d strike it lucky and get to play my favorite games all day without having to ask my parents for more cash, I was generally lucky to get one extra token. This would probably be frowned upon today, but in the 90s, people could still smoke indoors, so it was all good. This was my introduction to slots, and, as a result, I still have a strange affinity for the simple three-reel fruit slot game.

Today, I found a three-reel fruit slot that invokes the same excitement as that beat-up old one-armed bandit at the arcade. Meet Fruit Fuel slot from Hacksaw Gaming.

A fruit salad of ways to win

Now, Fruit Duel slot is simple, to say the least. It has just three reels and 17 paylines. As a result, there’s very little expectation that it has some great bonus features. But it kinda does.


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Most of the action resolves around the versus feature. This is triggered when two fruit symbols and one versus symbol appear on the same reel. Once that occurs, a random multiplier will be assigned to each piece of fruit, with the pair then doing battle until just one remains. The entire reel ends up covered in what’s left of the loser turning the whole thing wild. Any resulting wins receive a kick from the multiplier.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; it’s a cool feature, but it probably doesn’t come around all that often. And you’re not wrong. But there’s a way to fix that. The slot has a buy bonus feature that, once activated, will guarantee a versus symbol appears on every spin.


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Then, there is the free spins feature. Yup, this little three-reel fruit slot also has free spins. The feature is activated with the appearance of three or more scatter symbols—no surprise there. Once triggered, you’ll get a shot to grab an even larger multiplier from the versus feature up to a maximum of 100x your bet.

In addition to being able to buy guaranteed versus symbols, you can also select to buy a round of free spins.

Is Fruit Duel slot ripe or rotten?

Fruit Duel slot was a surprise. Despite my own nostalgia for three-reel slots, I had very little expectation for long-term appeal from this one. But it’s deceptively good. It has several exciting features and interesting mechanics to ensure you remain entertained—the guaranteed versus symbols being the most compelling.

The slot also has a healthy 96.3% RTP rating and a 3,333x max multiplier, which is good for a max jackpot of €249,975. All this is wrapped up in a juicy medium volatility package that makes a rather compelling appetizer.

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