The Crystal Ball Shows a Ton of Money in the Fortune Craft Slot

As far as we know, Nostradamus didn’t spend much time predicting the outcome of today’s slot machines. However, whether or not you believe in fortune telling, when the crystal ball is showing a pile of money in your near future, you may want to give it the benefit of a doubt.

Belatra Games is serving you the Fortune Craft slot on a silver platter and you would be a fool not to give it a shot. Still a bit hesitant? Ok, start off slow by pocketing a couple of the €37,500 max wins and you’ll be picking up the pace soon enough. Put your trust in free spins, gambling option and the money-making Craft Bonus while you rack up one win after another.

Are you ready to awaken the spirits?

Say Hello to the Madame

There’s no denying supernatural powers are lurking around the 5 reels and 10 paylines in play but if you can stay on their good side, you’ll be cleaning up in no time. Special rings and magic potion symbols enhance the theme but it’s the madame that brings it all together with the highest value.


Play Now

A 1,500x multiplier and €25 bet limit are like gin and tonic in this game, so take advantage of the perfect mix and cash in on the €37,500 max win. The Fortune Craft slot has a 91.06% RTP and high volatility, so let it rip!

How to Get Free Spins

It makes sense that the crystal ball symbol takes on the role of the scatter and when you land 3 or more of them, 7 free spins will be good to go. Here’s the kicker, if you can stick at least another 3 scatters during free spins, you can max out and capitalize on a crazy 140 free spins in total. Boom!

Play Now

Hold on, we’re not done yet. Before you start, you get to pick the multiplier you want. Will you play it safe or are you a daredevil looking to win big?

Double Your Winnings

Who doesn’t want double the money won? Take a swing at the gamble feature, pick a higher card than the dealer and oh la la, watch your balance grow!

Take the Easy Route

As a nice gesture, you will have the option of paying the price of admission and walk straight over to the bonus round. The buy feature is always appealing but most of all it saves a lot of time and can make you a ton of cash!

It’s Here for a Reason

We don’t believe in messing with the universe so the Fortune Craft slot has obviously been sent our way for a reason. A great opportunity just landed in your lap so give it a spin and watch the prediction of winning big come true!