Take on the Sky Pirates of the Thrilling New Land of Zenith Slot

We have seen plenty of evidence over the years that from a purely visual aspect, you can’t go wrong with a steampunk theme. When Push Gaming takes us on a spectacular adventure high above ground, it’s hard not to get caught looking at the many detailed parts of the graphics working in unison to make your experience as a sky pirate a memorable one.

As you embark on the Land of Zenith slot, the disc mechanism is the key to the €210,000 max win and by throwing the Turner Symbol, Bouncing Mystery and Hypermode Free Spins features into the mix, the game does not pull any punches. We love it!

Let’s head up into the sky and embrace another mind blowing steampunk adventure.

Steal Your Attention

There is a lot to focus on as you start the game. The two castles in the background, soft clouds and the flying aircraft swooping by will temporarily steal your attention away from the 6 reels and 30 fixed paylines.

As the soundtrack provides a calming vibe, the golden construction looks as solid as the game itself. When cool symbols like the robotic owl and butterfly, futuristic scroll and the epic looking gemstones appear, you realize pretty quickly that you are in for a great time.

There are another 4 characters in play, with the sky captain being the highest paying symbol.


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The high volatility feels like a given for a game like this and with the help of a pretty good 96.29% RTP, your hunt for the 21,000x multiplier and €210,000 max win is looking as bright and shiny as the left side of the golden structure.

Let’s Look at the Disc Mechanism

You will come across a few complex features in this game and the disc mechanism is in the center of it all. This is the guy who will activate the bonus features and has 3 independently moving discs.

Each of them are able to rotate into 12 possible positions and it’s when they all line up that you will find out the true power of the disc.

Summon the Turner Symbol

In order to make the discs move, you need to land the Turner symbol. Whenever one lands, it will make the disc turn left or right, depending on which version of the Turner symbol it is.

Which of the 3 discs (inner, middle or outer) that will make the turn, depends on whether you land the symbol on reel 2, 4 or 6.

Enter the Bouncing Mystery Feature

During the base game, if the discs align in a certain way, it will trigger the Bouncing Mystery feature and award you with a free spin.

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You will then see an orb shoot off and bounce around, resulting in a split and more orbs. These will then stop in a random position and turn into a mystery symbol. These symbols transform into one and the same symbol, hopefully giving you a nice, juicy win!

It’s a Different Kind of Free Spins

In order for you to get to the free spins round, all 3 discs need to align perfectly. This will activate the feature and set you up with 20 seconds of free spins. Interesting, right?

When the first spin begins, the time will start counting down towards 0. Whenever you see a wild symbol, it will increase the speed of the reels and also help you to partly fill the retrigger meter.

If you can fully fill the meter, your free spins time will reset to 10 seconds, buying you time to win even more. You can keep doing this as many times you want, so keep at it!

We Have a Winner

We were hoping the Land of Zenith slot would be a great one and the game does deliver. Watching the mechanics of the discs come into play is entertaining in itself and when you add big wins on top of that, you have created a winner. Thanks Push Gaming, can we have another!