A Sensational Multiplier: 17,206X on Livespins

A Sensational Multiplier: 17,206X on Livespins

There are big wins that are the result of big bets, and then there are big wins that are the result of big multipliers. This second type of win allows even the most modest bet to result in a large payout.

In September, we had bigger wins, with one player scoring €207,692.82 on Luck & Magic, but six lucky Livespins players set an impressive benchmark for the largest multiplier of the month.

While playing a round of the socially interactive Livespins, our lucky players managed to score a 17,206x multiplier that transformed their bets into wins of between €6,800 and €69,000. In total, the six BitStarz players won €182,840.57 on a single spin.

What is Livespins

If you’re new to Livespins, here’s the low down. The way Twitch is for video game streamers, Livespins is for casino streamers.

With Livespins, you can tune in to watch a streamer playing their favorite games. You can also post messages in the chat box and respond to other player’s posts. Then, we get to the most exciting part: the bet behind feature.

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Play Now

If you’re familiar with the concept of betting behind in blackjack, it’s basically the same thing here. With Livespins, you can set the amount you want to bet behind a streamer and for how many spins you would like to bet on. If a streamer wins on a spin that you’re betting behind, the same multiplier won by the streamer will be applied to your bet amount.

Livespins also has streamer events like Bonus Hunts. These events involve a streamer unlocking bonus features like free spins on a variety of different slots. Then, at a predetermined time, the streamer will play all of the bonus features at once. You will then receive the multiplier win for any bonus feature that was unlocked on a spin that you bet behind.

Join the Livespins revolution

Livespins really does bring a whole new social aspect to casino gaming. This ensures an online casino experience like no other. It is a great alternative to grinding out a slot all on your own.

If you’re keen to jump on the social Livespins train, then you should sign up for a BitStarz account—it really only takes a few minutes. To help get you started, you’ll receive a 5BTC four-part welcome bonus that you can use to explore the casino.