Get Ready to Sound the Alarm – the Miss Wildfire Slot Is on Fire

Wildfires can spread like crazy and with people being evacuated and some even losing their homes, it’s not a laughing matter. Thankfully, you will be dealing with a completely different type of wildfire today that will have you laughing all the way to the bank, courtesy of ELK Studios.

Picking up the €50,000 max win is just a tiny spark of the blazing fun and excitement that awaits in the Miss Wildfire slot. She’s not a pyromaniac but Super Miss Wildfire is melting hearts and setting reels on fire all over the place once activated and in combination with free spins, you going on a hot streak is always in the cards.

It’s time to light this thing up!

Meet the Headliners

Let the soundtrack transport your mind into a different world, where cheeky logs and fireball heads roam free across 6 reels and 466 paylines. The graphics are excellent and the cartoonish style comes with a mysterious vibe. Symbols such as crystals, gemstones and potions are in the mix but even though they are important, you have yet to meet the headliners.


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The €50,000 max win is just a small taste of what this game can do and with a 5,000x multiplier and 96.10% RTP in play, a high volatility will only have you celebrate even more when you land the big one.

Logs Will Do the Trick

All this talk about Miss Wildfire but we still don’t know who she is or what she does. Well, she’s the key to success in this game and although she has a tendency to start fires wherever she goes, it comes from a good place.

  • Miss Wildfire: She is a spreading wild and when she decides to pop up on your screen, expect respins. While these are rolling, she will make her way across the reels, one step at a time, setting logs on fire and creating wins along the way.
  • Super Miss Wildfire: There are levels to all fires and this one is turning up the heat even more on the Miss Wildfire feature above. As she moves, all log symbols will become sticky and stay in position while you count the wins.

Put Another Log on the Free Spin Fire

It takes at least 3 bonus symbols in order to activate the free spins and a minimum of 7 spins will be yours plus the addition of up to 4 Miss Wildfire symbols. With that in mind, you can expect some respins.

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The trick to bigger wins is to collect as many logs as possible and fill the meter on your right. Every log symbol will give it a little boost and when you reach the set levels, you will level up and one of the lower value symbols will be replaced with a better one.

Clearing levels also means you will get another Miss Wildfire symbol that can get you even more wins. Nice!

No Smoke Without Fire

We have to give it to ELK Studios as the Miss Wildfire slot is truly on fire! Such a fun game and it’s hard not to fall in love with the log, always wearing his best smile.

Take her for a spin and find out what the fuss is all about. After all, there’s no smoke without fire!