Ice Wolf Slot Pays Out Mega €55,932.19 Just in Time for Christmas

Ice Wolf is brand-new at BitStarz Casino thanks to Elk Studios getting listed, and players have been spinning the reels like crazy. Clearly, we’ve dished out some epic tips in our review of this fantastic slot, so it comes as no surprise that one lucky player managed to rumble the reels and walk away with a massive €55,932.19, just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

This massive win certainly turned these icy cold feeling reels into some of the hottest around, and we love it. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate this colossal win by checking out the live action replay and learning how this player pulled off the win!

Get a Load of That Win!

Big wins have been coming thick and fast over the past few weeks here at BitStarz, and now it’s the turn of Elk Studio’s Ice Wolf slot to deliver a big one. Of course, this magical win came from the generous re-spins mode that awaits. Every time you land a win, you remove some ice, expanding the reels slowly, slowly until the whole play area is ready to be used.

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If you don’t gather any more wins on a re-spin, then the ice freezes once more and the play area goes back to its original size. However, as you unlock the top of the reels, you’ll unlock wilds and multipliers, leading to some truly massive wins – just as this player found out. This is one truly exciting win, and the big wins just kept on coming!

Will You Be the Next Big Winner?

Ice Wolf certainly has huge big win potential, thanks to its high volatility and RTP of 96.10%. There’s definitely no shortage of win potential here, and the max win of €250,000 certainly puts that into perspective. If you can defrost the reels, you’ll also take the paylines up to an incredible 74,089, which will certainly help you win a fair bit of cash!

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Ice Wolf is one of our favorite slots at the moment, and its chilly theme certainly ties in with the current weather here at BitStarz HQ. Christmas is just around the corner, meaning the prospect of a huge win has never been more exciting. Ice Wolf is primed, ready and tested in this department, making it a go-to slot if you want to gather up big bucks!

Good luck to all of you, and congratulations to this big winner!