Online Slots Tips Direct From the Pros

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Our answer is short and sweet… SLOTS! Slot games are the most loved, most played, casino games around by a country mile. All over the world players spin reels for massive wins, be it at luxury Las Vegas casinos, or from the comfort of their own homes. Slots are soaring and we’re seeing them pop up all over the show.

If you want to take your slot game to a whole new level of excellence, then you’ve come to the right place. BitStarz is dishing out all the pro slot tips you need to get you in the driver’s seat and on the fast track to champion slot status. After all, we are home to over 3,000 of the world’s top slot games, all of which are provided by the best in the business.

One thing we can say right off the bat is that slot games love to play hard to get – we know you’re nodding your head. But the good news is that there are ways to chat them up and have them spinning in your favor. All you need is a great guide and great slot tips!

Follow us as we give you the scoop on all the slot tips from pros you need to know, because we’ll be covering slot machine tips and strategies, slots machine tricks, and advice from professional slot machine players. Come on prospective pros, let’s get the ball rolling!

SLOT TIP #1 – Bet enough to hit the jackpot

BitStarz is a slot tips pro, and the first piece of advice we have for you is to make sure you bet a high enough amount to qualify for a progressive jackpot bonus. Okay, let’s rewind. The slot machine tips to winning great cash rewards, in this section, revolve around specific kinds of slots – progressive jackpot slots.

These slot machines have jackpots that accumulate with every bet that is wagered on the game, resulting in a huge jackpot figure to hit!


The progressive jackpot slot machine tricks to remember here, are that these bonuses often require a player to be playing on the maximum coin bet in order to be eligible for a progressive jackpot. So for instance, playing a three-coin slot with a one or two-coin bet only will immediately ruin your chances of winning a jackpot. The minute you play on Max Bet however, the game switches to acknowledge you as a jackpot player. In most cases, you’ll notice this by the new progressive symbols that land on the screen.

Ultimately, the pro slot tips to playing a progressive jackpot slot is to set your bet level accordingly, and if you can’t handle flying through your credit, then switch the bet levels every now and then – a small chance is way better than no chance at all.

You can check out all the progressive jackpot slots we have on offer in the Jackpot Games section on our website, and use these progressive jackpot slot machine tips and hints to help you hit it big today!

SLOT TIP #2 – Be wise with your game choice

The next of our casino slot playing tips focuses on game selection, and why choosing the perfect game to play is important. Everyone is different, and what’s awesome about slots is that they cater for every kind of payer! These slot tips from pros will help you determine if you’re playing the games that will give you more bang for your buck.

There are thousands of slot games to play, that cover almost every genre under the sun, so if you fancy yourself a Viking warrior, a Wild West bandit, a royal princess, a god of the seas, or even an alien from outer space then you shouldn’t have a tough time finding the game that fits your personality. But before being abducted into the wonderful world of the slot that catches your eye, you must ask yourself – “what am I looking to get out of a game?”.

Whether you’re looking for a slot that offers a life-changing jackpot, one that offers smaller, but more frequent wins, or one that offers less, but bigger wins, many a slot tips pro will tell you that choosing a slot with a happy medium is the way to go. Let’s break it down…

Three-reel slots for example, are a double-edged sword, because they have a higher chance of dishing out big wins, and a higher chance to plough through your credits with a fast loss. With this said, if you’re looking for that big win from a jackpot game, then our slot machine strategy tips would advise you go for the three-reel slots and hope to have luck on your side, because at least this way, you know a massive win is possible to achieve.

The more common of the video slots, those being 5-reelers, often come with high hit frequencies that translate into smaller but more regular wins, usually triggered by bonus rounds. A super useful slot machine tip is to look out for a slot that gives free spins as one of their bonus offerings. Landing free spins will give you the chance to extend your gameplay for free, and the chance of winning big bonus amounts along the way.

To sum things up, the slot machine tips for heavy-hitters is to go for three-reel slots, and for the everyday gambler, 5-reel slots with free spins rounds is where you should be headed to keep at that happy medium.

SLOT TIP #3 – Don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose

This section is pretty obvious, but don’t be fooled because the temptation to spin-to-win is real, and this is why we are shedding light on these casino tips for slot machines players. Not every casino experience guarantees a win, in fact, many times players are left disappointed and keep on going until all their luck, and their money runs out.


The phrase ‘winners know when to stop’ is undoubtedly one of the pro slot tips we all need to follow. It does not only apply to players that actually accumulate wins – it refers to everybody, because in life everyone’s a winner in their own right with or without gambling, remember that!

To stick within a budget, our gambling tips for slots players, which are slot tips from pros too, is to be mindful of your bankroll. The average bankroll should cover 250 individual bets, which will give you around three hours to enjoy spinning the reels. For many players, this duration is more than enough, and is often achieved when using a firm slot strategy like this one.

If you have €200 in your bankroll, we don’t advise playing €1 slots. But if you decide to do so, and lose half of your money fast, you must be prepared to overcome your ego and either walk away or drop down to cent slots, which will make your money last longer. A slot tips pro can tell you that the odds on slot machines do not change like table games do.

Don’t do anything you’ll regret, or anything that’ll put you in a bind. You’ll be thanking us for these slot tips and tricks later!

SLOT TIP #4 – Prime the Pump theory doesn’t work

This round of casino tips and tricks slots players, comes from slot machine pro, Chuck Flick, himself. He did five experimental trials where he tested many different slot systems, one of them being the illusive ‘prime the pump theory’.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this theory, ‘priming the pump’ is based on the assumption that you have to put something in to get something out. With this, players start off with small bets and slowly increase the amounts they wager, with the ultimate hope that by the time the slot is ‘ready’ to pay out, it will do so on a large bet amount. The pro slot tips here, is that this theory does not work.

During Flick’s trial, he had one winning session and four losing sessions. This is pretty normal for any slot experience despite the amount of money wagered. We love the imagination that theories bring about in players, but payout percentages do not change, regardless of the theory used.

If any of these tips are crucial to take on board, it’s the slot tips from pros like Chuck Flick – because he knows his stuff, he’s tested the myths out, and got the t-shirt!

SLOT TIP #5 – Be in great company

Choosing the right online casino is a no-brainer, but being loyal to that casino can open so many diamond-encrusted doors for you. You’re definitely going to get way more out of a journey with one casino than chopping and changing them before the perks come out to play. As a slots tips pro, and a world-class online casino, BitStarz will shower you with bonuses for as long as you’re a player here.


With loads of promotions from the moment you step foot into BitStarz’ world of wonder, and throughout your entertainment escapade, the bonuses on offer can certainly set you sailing towards great wins.

One of the most valuable casino slot machine tips you’ll learn today is to use your bonuses to your advantage, and trust us, there are so many bonuses, and so many advantages! We all love free spins, free chips, cashbacks, and tournaments, so we recommend working your way up the loyalty ladder where there’s excellent value for money perks waiting.

This isn’t so much one of the pro slot tips as it is an actual fact. Casinos are businesses that want to generate money, and what better way to do so than spoiling their players with generous bonuses and freebies?

This pro slot tip will give your gameplay an almighty boost because bonuses are essentially free money to use to land those cool wins.

SLOT TIP #6 – Become friends with (the boring) Ts and Cs

The next batch of slot machine tips for winning on these glorious games is the one you all were hoping to avoid – we know, we know. Familiarizing yourself with the Bonus Terms and Conditions is actually super essential, because the sneaky rules of wagering requirements might be the very thing that stands between you and your winnings.

“What is a wagering requirement?” you might ask yourself, and that’s totally okay because we’re here to help with our slot tips from pros guide. A wagering requirement is defined as a multiplier of the amount you need to wager before any money that you’ve won from bonuses can be claimed.

Any slot tips pro will make it clear that the best thing to do is select a game to play that has the lowest wagering requirement. These requirements differ from game to game, and from casino to casino, and this takes us back to casino slot tips #5 – choosing the best casino for you!

A general rule of thumb according to our slot machine strategies and tips, is to spin the reels of a slot that has a wagering requirement that is at least x60 or less. This is one of the most helpful casino tips slots players, because it outlines how much you need to spend before you can bag your wonderful bonus wins.

SLOT TIP #7 – Take a peek at the paytable

Getting to know which symbol pays what is one the most handy slot machine winning tips because it’s never a good idea to go into anything blindly – especially dates! Knowing what you’re working with on slot games is key to knowing how to win with them. These pro slot tips advise checking the paytable as well as the machine’s RTP and volatility levels before playing it – especially if you want to see a major difference on your bankroll as time goes by.


Every slot is unlike the next, and you’d be surprised by the many variations there are. The paytable is your go-to source of information, and will explain all the slot’s special features and payout combinations.

How can you possibly know what you need to do to win if you don’t have the slot machine tips to win in the first place… you’re welcome.

SLOT TIP #8 – Practice makes perfect

The last of our slot tips from pros is to practice, and then practice some more! Many slot tips pros recommend you test the waters by playing a slot game for fun, with no credit. Most online casinos let you play their slot games in demo versions, for free, and for fun and this is an awesome way to use the slot machine tips and tricks you’ve learned here.

Using these slot machine tips at casinos will give you a golden opportunity to study the paytable, understand the wagering requirements, know if this game fits your budget, what the special symbols to look out for are, and what bonuses are on offer, all while you play for free.

After making use of the video slot machine tips here, you’ll be ready to make your deposit and play with real money – knowing you have this thing down!

Start spinning for sizzling wins

Well there you have it slot spinners, our top 8 Pro Slot Tips have been unpacked. These gambling slot machine tips are just a guide… the only real thing that is certain whenever you’re dabbling with slot machines is to have luck on your side!

There unfortunately are no gambling slot tips that can bestow you with luck, but you can definitely get your gaming groove on with our slots tips.

To recap, our slot machine tips to winning at casinos are to bet enough to hit a jackpot, be smart with your game selection, spend your money wisely, don’t believe in every slot machine theory, choose the right casino for you, read over bonus Ts and Cs, familiarize yourself with how each game works and pays out, and lastly, practice, practice, practice.

Now that you’ve got all the goods on slot machines, straight from the pros, you’re ready to spin your way to sizzling wins – good luck, players!