Player wins $64,818 on Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters!

What every player dreams of when they step into a casino is the idea of reeling in a massive chunk of cash. Less than 2 weeks ago, one player at BitStarz Casino made this dream come true as he landed an incredible $64,818 in a single game round!

We’re all familiar with the story of Hansel & Gretel, the two kids being left in the woods by their poor parents to fend for themselves. If this for some reason is news to your ears, then here’s the cliff notes version.

Out in the woods they find a house made of gingerbread, but the downside is that there’s a witch living inside of it, who’s sole goal is to lure the kids into the house to eat them for dinner. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is a Hollywood flick where the two kids are all grown up, seeking revenge on the witches of the world, and the popular Casino Slot Provider iSoftbet turned this movie into a terrific Video Slot!

Here there’s no gingerbread to be won (a shame, we know, we love gingerbread too), however you have the opportunity to win enough money to make your own gingerbread house if that’s what you’d spend your money on.

$64,818 Payout in a Single Spin!

One of the players at BitStarz decided he’d join Hansel & Gretel in the fight against these evil witches and had a few spins on this popular game. After just awhile of playing, he managed to reel in the biggest win on the game in BitStarz History, an incredible $64,818!

Not a bad sum of money indeed, so sign us up for the next round of witch hunting. We want to throw in our own stake as well, or crossbow. As you can imagine, the lucky player was over the moon about this spellbinding balance boost, and cashed out all the money right away, and thanks to the 10-minute average cashout at BitStarz, the player had the money in his wallet shortly after!

We haven’t gotten any confirmation from the player as to what he is planning on doing for the money, but most players who win big either buy a house, a car or go on a nice trip. As for us, we hope he’s building a gingerbread house.

Not the first time iSoftbet games pays out big!

iSoftbet is a terrific game provider with many blockbuster titles in the arsenal, such as the Platoon, and also immortal classics such as Absolute Super Reels, Royal Cash and Booster. They’re also very keen on creating slots for the latest movie releases out there as soon as they get the chance, so we also hope that they’re able to develop a slot after your favorite movie too. We’d be totally OK with them making a Shawshank Redemption or Inception slot (a slot within a slot, that would be pretty cool).

Perhaps you’d also be surprised to know that an iSoftbet Slot has the record for single highest payout in BitStarz History. One lucky player managed to land an incredible 150 BTC ($382,801 would be the currency equivalent in USD) in a single spin on the extremely volatile slot Diamond Wild.

They do say that Diamonds last forever, but we’d like to argue that this win also would last for awhile, without a doubt. The question is not if the games from iSoftbet will pay out big again, it’s more a question of when.

How to win big playing Casino Online

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